Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 1: January 2003-September 2004

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A pic from the "Parkinson" show


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Originally posted by olivia_windsor@Nov 24th, 2003 - 8:14 am
more beautiful than before
yeh Sarah looks good in the "parkinson" pic.........

She's really a beautiful woman and i think she has a lot of class now

I like this outfit too (much better than the last ones :p )
From The Mirror - :flower:


A YOUNG Sarah Ferguson, the scatty, troublesome and gracelessly podgy member of the royal family, was once described by her ex father-in-law as "pointless''.

Sometimes the most cruel, cack-handed and ignorant comments can trigger, in some people, the determination to become victor not victim.

Judging by her appearance on Parkinson at the weekend, Prince Philip only did Fergie a lot of favours.

Ten years ago she wore Laura Ashley prints and looked like a jolly, rosy-cheeked milkmaid, pretty but hardly princess material. Today she's an elegant size ten with the poise of Grace Kelly, the assurance of a young Queen Noor and a multi-millionairess in her own right.

Not bad for a woman once the size of a small country with a spending habit that made Elton John look thrifty.

You could call Fergie a lot of things but, even Prince Philip would have to concede now, pointless is not one of them. It takes a lot to make the quantum leap from underdog to top cat but Fergie's achieved the impossibly difficult task of rehabilitating herself with the British public, who don't suffer fools gladly.

To her credit, she understood the only way to face down savage criticism and wicked put-downs was to get out of the firing line, pick herself up and get on with making a life with daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

In America, where she would cause least embarrassment to the royals, she's earned fortunes by fronting WeightWatchers. And quietly, at home, she's shed four stone, forged a happy alliance with the father of her girls and stuck herself behind a computer to write children's books.

She may not be the next JK Rowling but credit to her. She's kept her counsel, refused to cast the blame on anyone for her troubles or put herself in the position of going cap in hand to the former in-laws for financial support.

Parkinson drew her dangerously close to condemning the royal family for the mess she became after marriage to Prince Andrew. But she refused to enter into a slanging match and sang the praises of the monarchy - despite the fact she was treated, along with Diana, as an insufferable thorn in their side.

During her divorce settlement it seemed, at one point, she'd be left without a roof over her head. And still she's ostracised from royal events; at Christmas her daughters will enjoy lunch with the family at Sandringham while she stays alone in an estate cottage. Memorably, after one visit, she was handed a bill for the use of light bulbs and loo rolls.

When she held a memorial service after the death of her mother, Susan Barrantes, senior royals snubbed the occasion. It takes some strength of character not to crack in the face of such hostility, and perhaps the hardest thing Fergie's had to do is hold her tongue and not pass the buck or whinge about the treatment meted out to her.

She tends to talk in psychobabble and therapy speak but she has enough nous to recognise self-pity is a futile exercise which earns no respect. It's a lesson Michael Barrymore should have learned when he bleated endlessly about his pain and suffering over the death of Stuart Lubbock.

The British public will only welcome with open arms anyone prepared to shoulder some of the blame, accept they've made mistakes, swear to learn from them and move on.

Talking on Parky, it was made crystal clear by Fergie just how mindbending the pressures of living in the goldfish bowl of royalty can be. But, unlike Diana, she admits it was partly her own inability to cope which caused her to binge on doughnuts and indulge in maniacal spending sprees.

How easy it would have been for Fergie to complain life's not fair or berate the royals for ruining hers. Instead, she took it on herself to be cheerleader for the monarchy, rousing the audience into applause for the House of Windsor.

Pointless, Prince Philip?

How the tide has turned.
Kate makes shortlist with Duchess of York

The literary skills of a Telford teenager were put to the test when she joined the Duchess of York to help judge a prestigious book prize.
Kate Clarke, 14, of Dawley Bank, Telford was one of six teenagers to join Sarah Ferguson on the British Airways London Eye to judge the teen category of the WH Smith people's choice book awards.
Kate was chosen after entering a competition for which she had to write a 50-word review of her favourite book.

The panel had to whittle 10 books down to a shortlist of five, which the public will start voting for in January.

The winner will eventually be announced at an awards ceremony in March 2004.

"It was an honour to work with such savvy teenagers and we enjoyed debating which of the 10 books should make it on to the shortlist," said the Duchess.

"I was impressed. They had clearly devoured each book and were able to talk about each with great authority.

"Teen choice fiction recognises some of the very best talent writing today and what better way to reward those authors than having the discerning public choose the winner."

The shortlist on which the public can vote is The Wee Free Men by Terry Pratchett, The Amulet of Samarkand by Jonathan Stroud, Stravaganza: City of Stars by Mary Hoffman, Predator's Gold by Philip Reeve and Pirates! by Celia Rees.


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Fergie's huge clothes closet

December 7, 2003

MOST homeowners can only dream of a bedroom that measures 6m by 4.5m.

For the Duchess of York, however, that is just the space she needs to store her clothes.

She has given a walk-in closet top priority in the revamp of her new £1 million ($2.35 million) five-bedroom home in the Surrey stockbroker belt.

A planning application submitted to the local council shows Sarah wants it to take up the entire first floor of a proposed extension.

If approved, it will be larger than the combined size of the bedrooms of her daughters Beatrice and Eugenie.

The extension will house the collection of outfits the Duchess once confessed had "mushroomed" after her failed marriage to Prince Andrew in 1986.

Helped by a monthly clothing allowance from the Queen, she built up a stock of 15 ballgowns for state dinners, 25 long dresses, 40 cocktail dresses, 150 day suits and some 60 hats.

A role as fashion am bassador for Dolce & Gabbana means Sarah does not run short of up-to-date apparel.

The Duchess bought the 17th-century property five months ago and applied for planning consent last week.


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Duchess Sarah seems not to have learned the usual makeup rule of less is better as one gets older. She's starting to look like a Halloween mask instead of highlighting the beautiful woman she is.
I think it's her eye make up that's been too excessive lately. There has been one or two times where her blush has been too much, but generally it's been her eye shadow and eye liner that has given her the racoon eyes look.
i wishes she would gets auction like Princess Diana! because she kept her dresses since she got marriage to Prince Andrew why not got donate her dress like Diana?

Sara Boyce
IBL - 8 December 2003 - Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York attends the flagship Asprey store opening, New York.


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Originally posted by sara1981@Dec 9th, 2003 - 4:38 pm
i wishes she would gets auction like Princess Diana! because she kept her dresses since she got marriage to Prince Andrew why not got donate her dress like Diana?

Sara Boyce
i don't know about that , sarah is not diana (obviously) , i think she doesn't have the same charisma as diana (although i like sarah a lot) so i don't know if it would get as much money as diana's auction did , but it would be a nice thing to try , she won't wear those clothes anyway , so all the money coming in would be good for charity...........;
Mandatory Credit: Photo By ERIK C PENDZICH / REX FEATURES Sara Ferguson, Duchess of York 'WOMEN WHO INSPIRE US' AWARDS LUNCHEON, NEW YORK, AMERICA - 09 DEC 2003 438757/RUS


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For those of you who are interested in Sarah Ferguson and can watch Entertainment Tonight, she will be on the show tomorrow, 12 December, discussing her battle with her weight.
The Duchess of York appeared on talk show, "The Wayne Brady Show" this morning!! The interview was quite funny, and Sarah did well upholding hereslf, and was relaxed. She even joked around about being a "closet American," while she was describing how much she adores the American people and the way they took her in 8 years ago.

She was also part of a cooking segment, and it was clear when she said she could not cook that she wasn't just being modest. They are suppose to put a clip up on the site some time today, of the cooking segment, check it out, it was hilarious!

For those who can tune in Sarah will be on "The Sharon Osbourne Show" on Monday (12 January 2004)
Thanks for the heads up... I'll be sure to catch Sarah on Sharon's show on Monday..

Hello - Talk about Murphy's law!

Fergie's Limo Crosses Atlantic Ocean Then Break's Down

13 JANUARY 2004
When Sarah, Duchess of York decided to bring a very American Cadillac CTS limousine back home to England, it's unlikely she anticipated the bumpy road ahead. The luxurious vehicle, thought to be the only one of its kind in the UK, has already developed electrical problems.

"The only trouble with owning the only model of new car is that there is no dealer or repair network," said a source at General Motors, which owns Cadillac. "We think someone must have left the lights on, which drained the battery and this triggered the alarm."

Questions have also been raised over how Sarah came to be in possession of the vehicle. Apparently the limo was sent to Vauxhall's headquarters in Luton after the Duchess made a number of personal appearances for GM. Her aides insist that the £30,000 vehicle was not a freebie, however.
Polfoto 14-01-2004 The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson, enters a room of 700 to tell her story of being overweight during a Weight Watchers Mega Meeting in Frontenac, MO on January 14, 2004. Ferguson, who is beginning her 8th year as U.S. spokesperson for Weight Watchers International, overcame a weight problem following her divorce from Prince Andrew and speaks about the daily battle of keeping off the weight.


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BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 25: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson attends the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 25, 2004 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)


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BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 25: Duchess of York Sarah Ferguson attends the 61st Annual Golden Globe Awards at the Beverly Hilton Hotel on January 25, 2004 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Carlo Allegri/Getty Images)


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that so awesome for her to visit in California if she meet actors and actress? she show awards. :woot: :flower:

Sara Boyce

Fergie Aims for Career as Actress

28 JANUARY 2004
Having already found enormous success as a children's writer and television personality, it seems Sarah Ferguson has set her sights on a career in acting.

After presenting an award at the Golden Globes on Sunday, the Duchess of York spent the evening mingling with a host of Hollywood heavyweights. "I would like to act," revealed the 44-year-old. "I genuinely think it would be a good idea. Certainly I have enough experience of drama because of what my life has been like. But seriously, I would consider TV acting. Film might be a bit ambitious."

Sarah is no stranger to television work, having presented an episode of Larry King Live and appeared in the hit comedy Friends. It remains to be seen whether she will make it as a TV star, though one American broadcasting boss seemed upbeat about the idea.

"It's open to question whether she can carve a full-time career as an actress, but there's no doubt she could do it as a sideline," said the Fox executive. "There's no shortage of people who will offer her cameo parts. It would attract a lot of attention. Royalty still has a kudos here that it doesn't have in Britain."

Sarah Fergson on Friends with Matt LeBlanc
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I never got it why Sarah and Andrew split up. They seemed like such a good match in terms of personality.
Sarah was being torn apart by the courtiers and could not take the pressure and stress of being in the royal system. Andrew was away at sea and supposedly they only saw each other about 42 days a year according to Sarah's autobiography.

If the courtiers had backed off a bit and Andrew had been around more, I think they might still be together!!
Sarah knew about Andrew's career and the number of days Andrew would be around before he even asked her to marry him.

Sarah was unfaithful as little as 2 years into the marriage. She publicly humilated Andrew with her brazen romps with various men. To be topless while making out with your boyfriend in front of your husband's children and several body guards is horribly disrespectful, IMHO. There marriage did not survive Andrew's humilation at the photos that were published of this. And, by her own admission it wasn't nearly her first affair. Andrew hit the roof when he ran across pictures of one of Sarah's lovers playing around with his daughters at the pool of his house while he was away.

Andrew is still hurt by Sarah's betrayal. She said he they are the best of friends and that they love each other but are not in love. They are friends because they have children to raise together. Besides she is always lurking around in his relationships (who wants the ex living with you even part time).

Sarah was much liked by the family, but she just made so very many stupid mistakes. Some small but most weren't.

Perhaps, if Andrew had been around more? She knew before.....If the courtiers had backed off? Hmm, they only turned against her after many humiliating actions on her part. She really made their jobs easy if they were trying to sabotage her. I think they just sat back and let her do it herself. It was her affairs that drove the final nail into her marriage.
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