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I'm not necessarily concerned for Sarah's prognosis, although I agree she will have a more intense recovery and I was not expecting something as radical as a mastectomy.

I'm startled that this ended up being the necessary path. I guess we'll have to see what she shares, although more likely than not we will eventually know all about it since she's pretty comfortable disclosing things. Hopefully she will be fine soon and able to help others with her own experience.
Wishing Sarah, Duchess of York a speedy recovery and best wishes! :flowers:❤️
Her podcast has provided a lot of information.

By the time of the King's coronation, she knew there was likely something amiss as she'd had a mammogram and had to go in for a contrast dye mammogram, and then a biopsy.

She also stated the breast cancer was not in the formation of a typical tumour and was flatly spread through her breast, thus a mastectomy was the only option. She said in a way it was easier that she had no choices in front of her, nothing to be weighed out, she just had to go ahead and do it.

She has said she does not require chemotherapy or radiation and that her lymph nodes are clear.

She has been frank about all of it, as has been her lifelong trademark. All very best wishes for a speedy and fulsome recovery and many happy, healthy years ahead of her.
In her wish of happy wedding anniversary to Beatrice and Eduardo the Duchess of York implies that she treats Eduardo's son as her own grandson:

Yes...Sarah has said from the beginning that she and Andrew consider Christopher Woolf as one of their grandchildren.
Sarah, Duchess of York:
My beloved mother Susie died 25 years ago today, taken far too young. There isn't a day that goes by when I don't think about her, her indomitable spirit and her joy for life. Today is also the first anniversary of Her Late Majesty the Queen's funeral. As I have often said before, the Queen was like a second mother to me and I will always be grateful for the love and understanding she showed me throughout her life.

Today I celebrate the legacy of the two women who gave me so much strength and courage. I am so thankful for their guidance and the examples they set, which I try always to live up to.
Sarah, Duchess of York reveals that Jenean Chapman, who was her personal assistant for many years, was murdered in Dallas at just 46 years old.
I am shocked and saddened to learn that Jenean Chapman, who worked with me as my personal assistant many years ago, has been murdered in Dallas aged just 46. A suspect is in custody.

Jenean was loyal, hardworking, beautiful and fun and my heart breaks for her family and friends. I heard from her just a couple of months ago and she seemed so happy. Her family is raising money to transport her body back to New York City and pay for legal and funeral costs.

I will be making a donation and supporting the family in any way possible - please help if you can at the link in my bio.
Sarah appeared at the 'Loose Women' TV show today, November 2, for the launch of the 'Don't Skip Your Screening' campaign:

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I forgot Sarah recently had a mastectomy this past June. She has such amazing resilience. Glad she is now advocating for screening. Apparently she was going to put off her mammogram but her sister insisted she go and that's when her breast cancer was found.
She is looking healthy and happy. Glad she is doing well.
That's too bad for Sarah. I would have thought that she would have been a good fit for a morning show.
Some lovely pics . Sarah seems to be genuinely enjoying herself.
These are not easy times for the British royal family. A good recovery for the Duchess of York.
That's a concerning diagnosis considering her recent history. Wishing her a speedy recovery and good health.
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