Sarah, Duchess of York Current Events 19: July 2018 - Sep 2022

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Today, December 15, Sarah was interviewed for the Italian show Oggi è un altro giorno (Today is another day):

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According to the dailymail Sarah‘s brand Ginger and Moss has financial difficulties:

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Here‘s a video of her school visit in Denver:

Sarah today also shared a video of it:

** instagram video **
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Sarah was in Gothenburg, Sweden, today, May 5, for the inauguration of The Perfect World Foundation's "Project Ocean". Later she presented the foundation's honorary conservation award to Prince Albert of Monaco at the The Arctic Ocean Gala:

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** article : JUST NU: Furst Albert är i Sverige – utan Charlene kungligt **

** dm article: Eco royals! Sarah Ferguson joins Prince Albert of Monaco in Sweden as he releases a rehabilitated duck..**
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The Swede's are probably thinking that if you let one York in, the lot of them troop in one after the other! ?
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Duchess of York, attends the Magna Grecia Awards 2022 Dinner Event on 1st July in Bari, Italy.


Duchess of York last night 2 July at the Magna Grecia Awars 2022 in Bari

and the morning visited the Pontifical Basilica of San Nicola in Bari.
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Duchess of York:

"It was a pleasure to visit Englefield Green Montessori School yesterday, in my capacity as chair of the International Montessori Ambassadors’ Group, and to do a Storytime with Fergie and Friends book reading.."

Sarah has been interviewed for the launch of the Portugiese version of "Her Heart For A Compass" today, July 8:

I am so excited to launch Her Heart For A Compass in Portuguese today. A percentage of the book sales will be donated to a Portuguese charity for children's literacy. @SarahsTrust
will announce the chosen charity next week..

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