Queen Sofia Jewellery 1: Ending Jun 2023

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I love that necklace too, and it's been quite a long time hidden in the Queen's jewellery case. I think it would look beautiful on Letizia's neck!
By the way, those earrings belonged to Queen Victoria Eugenia as well, the middle diamond seems quite big, and it's sorrounded by smaller diamonds.
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That is my very favorite piece among the Spanish jewels and I think Letizia would look wonderful wearing it. Sofia really has the regal look to carry off that tiara and necklace set. Thanks!:flowers:
Did Queen Sofia inherit any jewels from her mother Queen Fredrerika, that are now part of the SRF collection of jewels?
She received the Prussian Tiara, from Queen Frederika, but it was a wedding gift i think :flowers:
About this tiara known as Prussian Diamond Tiara or Diamond Greek Key Tiara.
[FONT=Times New Roman, Times, Serif]This tiara originally belonging to Sofia's grandmother, princess Viktoria Luise, daughter of the last German Emperor. [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, Serif]The tiara was originally a gift to her grandmother - Viktoria Luise, from het father - German Emperor on her wedding in 1913. When her daughter, princess Frederike, became engaged to King Paul of Greece, she gave this tiara as a present to her daughter. [/FONT][FONT=Times New Roman, Times, Serif]Queen Frederika gave her mother's tiara to her daughter.[/FONT]​
We've seen the Queen wearing the fabulous diamond necklace of Queen Victoria Eugenie very few times. Here, in London, at the party hosted by the parents of Princess Marie Chantal before her wedding with Prince Pavlos.

Picture originally posted by mtcbm from Hola magazine.
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zarzuela said:
A lovely diamond and sapphire(?) ring.Picture courtsey the Bureau of the Royal Household (Thailand)
Available at http://www.palaces.thai.net/king60/
Besides the dark color, if that was a saffire shouldn't be more brilliant? :wacko:
May be, as you said zarzuela, it can be dark topaz. :)
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There's a better view of the diamond and sapphire ring, plus the lovely diamond bracelet of Queen Victoria Eugenie.

Picture courtsey the Bureau of the Royal Household (Thailand) for free distribution.
Available at 20060612-142918-King-60th.jpg
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It's a pity that the majority of the Spanish royal jewels have been sacattered. I know that the Monarchy in Spain has been very unstable, and many kings had to go into exile, but Queen Victoria Eugenie of Spain was the grand-daughter of Queen Victoria of UK, she received a fantastic collection of jewels, lots of tiaras, necklaces, bracelets, brooches... but King JC only inherited the fleur-de-lys tiara from her, what it's a pity. I know that she had to sell many jewels when she go into exile, anyway when she died she still had a lot of tiaras, but according to her will, all her remaining jewels were distributed between her two daughter, except 4 or 5 pieces that were called the 'bijoux de passage' those are the only historical jewels Queen Sophia has.
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The Cartier diamond and pearl Tiara (the one she wore with emeralds sometime) was inherited by Infantina Maria Cristina, but King Juan Carlos bought it back at some point. So this is also a tiara Queen Sofia has who once bleonged to Queen Victoria Eugenie. Hope he will do the same with the Aquamarine-Parure that was inherited by Infanta Beatriz.
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Jaya said:
The evil eye bracelet may possibly be worn because of her history studies of Byzantium. I find it appropriate and symbolic amidst the other silver bangles.
My guess is, that since protection against the evil eye is popular in Greece, that it's a nod to her Greek heritage.
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I hope so! Even if she said that now she is totally Spanish (and this is a thing that a queen of any country MUST obsolutely said) Queen Sofia must love her country and wish to have good relationships to Greek people. :)

Moonstones and charms

Hello everyone,
The moonstone is traditionally worn in India and Princess Irene[Sofia's sister] is a Sanskrit scholar having lived and studied there for years. Greeks rarely wear the moonstone. As for the bracelet for the evil eye it is worn in Greece but is worn in India as well.Could very well be Queen Sofia tapping into her Hellenic roots as she is a scholar of history.
Vanesa said:
I hope so! Even if she said that now she is totally Spanish (and this is a thing that a queen of any country MUST obsolutely said) Queen Sofia must love her country and wish to have good relationships to Greek people. :)


It's probably not that conscious IMO. It's natural to surround yourself with the things you saw when you were a child (and although she wasn't in Greece much when she was young, she observed what her mother and other Greeks in exile were wearing).
Does someone know how many tiaras the SRF has available? On some pages I read it's five different ones, on other pages it's six?

I understand some tiaras are only worn by the Queen and some others by Letizia or the Infantas.

Thanks : - )
I believe they have the following tiara's:

The mellerio shell tiara, only worn by the Queen
the mellerio flower tiara, worn by the infanta's too
the fleur-de-lys tiara, only worn by the Queen thus far
the cartier diamond & pearl scroll tiara, only worn by the Queen thus far
the Brunswick tiara (wedding tiara of the Queen and Letizia), also worn by the infanta's

There also is the loop tiara that Infanta Pilar used most of the time. HM the Queen started to wear that tiara recently, so the King might have bought that one too.

The Queen used the Niarchos Ruby necklaces as a sort of bandeau when she was still a Princess, but not recently though.

Infanta Elena received a tiara from her husband too, it is somewhat simulat to the Brunswick tiara. Elena also once borrowed a tiara from her aunt, Princess Irine of Greece.
Thank you very much for your response Marengo :flowers:

I am already looking forward to the next event when the ladies of the SRF will wear their tiaras.

I like the ones that only the Queen wears most (fleur de lys & cartier diamond), they are exceptional!
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dinner offered to to Saudi King

The Queen wore the Countess of Barcelone's Tiara that she has wore yet at least twice in her life - as far as I know- in Iran for the Shah's great feast when this extraordinary jewel belong yet to the King's mother and during the official state visit in Norway the last year. Between this two dates this sompyuous tiara was used by the Infanta's Pilar, Simonetta's daughter, for her wedding. People well informed said that this tiara belong to the Infanta Pilar by inheritence but as the Infanta Pilar said that she don't need so regal piece of museum - she has tiara(s) less important- the King has baught this estupendous and historic jewel to keep it in the Real Family.

The Queen wore too estupendous earrings in saphirs and diamonds matching up with a bracelet that I don't know. But first I don't know all the King's jeweles cassette!!!!and segondly I don't remember all the earrings and the bracelet wore by the Queen. Can we supposed that it could be a King of Arabia Saudi 's gift ? In this case, if its gift to the Queen, what is the habit, is the Queen can consider it's gifts for her that she can do as she want and for example to give bu inheritence to one of her daughters? or as this gifts are mad for a Chief of State's officiel visit, this gifts have to belon to the King's cassette and stay in royal House " tresors" ?Look for example the sompyous necklace gave to Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall.
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Hi, this is my first message on the forum. The Mellerio Shell Tiara was offerd to Princess Isabelle, eldest daughter of Queen Isabelle II, when she married in 1868 to Prince Gaetan of Bourbon Sicile, earl of Agrigente. As the Princesse died in 1931 having no child, the tiara remained in the spanish royal familly and was offerd to Queen Sofia by the earl of Barcelona, as a weeding gift. That tiara is often worn by Princesse Christina.
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Are you sure that Infanta Cristina wears the shell tiara? I can only recall her wearing the flower tiara and the Brunswick tiara.
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