Queen Mathilde's Eveningwear Part 2: September 2015 - March 2017

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She looks very beautiful. I love that dress. She has really hit the mark every time these two days :)
what a beautiful dress for Mathilde - that colour works a treat on her. delightful.
She looks magnificent and the gown has a wonderful cut and fit with it's very flattering neckline and sleeve length, surprisingly the colour looks good too. Unfortunately the large expanse of pale orange in the group photo highlights the same problem Mary suffers from, photo flash which causes the illusion that she is a lot more robust than she actually is.


Mathilde has looked stunning both nights. Won best look both evenings,

I am in love with the stunning red dress. I love the shoulder detail. :flowers:

Her hair is beautifully styled. And I love the accessories.
The red dress is amazingly beautiful. Everything about is exquisite. Stunning design.
I think both dresses are pretty
but some how it seems that mathilde looks "big" (not just tall) in the orange dress
The Orange Armani dress is great but not for a State Visit with one tiara Event.

Queen Mathilde should have chosen an Evening dress able to wear tiara and necklace. To much glitter only on the top for a tall Lady with extra long legs!
Mathilde sartorially stood out in this visit. I agree orange is a difficult colour to wear but she looked magnificent in it. My favourite though was the red gown, she looked exquisite.

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