Queen Mathilde's Daytime Fashion, Part 1: July 2013 - February 2014

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The hat would be great for the beach not an official event. The outfit isnt pretty, the top print nor the skirt IMO look good together. This is her worst look so far.
At first glance, I thought HM had joined a Mariachi band :yikes: the hat is awful.
Does Maxima had the same top. I recognise it from somewhere.
The busy pattern is so so. The peplum effect makes the whole look awkward. The beach hat further aggravates the look.
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Mathilde sure is PRETTY!

Having said THAT . . .

It's kind of obvious to me that she --- or whoever her stylist is, if she HAS one! --- was NOT present and accounted for between the ears when she/they chose this particular hat.

I'm sorry, but it looks and reads kind of "Hee Haw!" to me, like she should be on a tractor in the back 40, digging up potatoes, or tending the garden. I wonder if its a Fabienne Delvigne (sp?) hat?

It looks WAY too casual and laid back for the rest of what she's got on, for my taste.

If she just HAD to wear it, I wonder why in the name of TIME she has that folded-up brim facing dead front and center, like that? I don't think this hat would've worked anyway with this outfit, but it might've worked slightly if she'd maybe put the blown-back brim to the side, perhaps.

Not wild about the rest of it, either, except I DO like the skirt. The print of and peplum on the top don't do much for me, and the shoes look too heavy, or something.

Oh, well.

Mat IS a pretty lady!
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Does Maxima had the same top. I recognise it from somewhere.

She has the matching skirt (see here), I can't remember right now whether she has the top as well, but I think it's a good decision to either wear the top or the skirt, a complete look with that print would be overkill ;)

Queen Mathilde arrived in New York yesterday, September 18, wearing a recycled suit and blouse:

** Full view **

Today, September 19, she wore a wonderful white Natan dress and looked really lovely:

** Full view ** Upper part **
Very pretty dress and cardigan looks elegant also. Love the shoes too.
The dress worn on day 1 is quite unflattering and the flower was a useless addition IMO.

Day 2 outfit was much better but the cardigan matched with it wasn't the best choice. I loved her clutch.
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Queen Mathilde on the Car Free Sunday in Brussels today, September 22, wearing brown pants and a pink jacket with matching accessories:

** Full view ** Close up **
Don't like that dress but the hat is ok!
I've never liked this dress. The pattern is just ugly IMO.
This dress was also worn by a guest at the recent Felix/Claire wedding. There was a link on orderofsplendor.blogspot.com to something called luxxarati (sp?) which showed a guest wearing it. She was not identified, but Mathilde looks much better in it.
I don't care for this dress at all. The pattern is just off-putting. I'm not liking the hat either. It looks like it is made out of some weird fabric and the color is odd.

I LOVE her outfit in Brussels riding her bike! Love the colors and the fit.
Eegads, the dress is strange and unattractive
Ugly dress and hat, she looks terrible, hard to do on such a beautiful woman
September 27, 2013 - Mathilde in a printed green dress matched with a small hat.

Sleek hairstyle redeemed the rest of the look.
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