Queen Mathilde, Current Events, Part 2 (February 2019 - present

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That is just down the road for the Queen as she only has to leave the parc of Laeken and cross the canal of the Senne to be there. It can't be much more than 5 minutes.
Queen Mathilde pays a visit to the Province of Liège today, January 15.

King Philippe was scheduled to attend as well, but instead he travelled to Oman to pay his respects upon the death of Sultan Qaboos and to meet the new Sultan Haitham ben Tarek.

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** rtc: La Reine Mathilde en visite en terre hesbignonne **

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Today, February 6, Queen Matholde made a visit to the secondary school Sainte-Marie Institute in Chatelet to focus on the problem of harassment at school:

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Queen Mathilde attended piano, cello and jazz saxophone masterclasses during a visit to the Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles today, February 21. Several teachers are former laureates of the Queen Elisabeth Competition that will focus on the piano this year.

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Queen Mathilde spoke to healthcare providers today 22 April in UZ Gent


Queen Mathilde with video link talking today 28 April with representatives from the cultural field, including the Groeningemuseum Bruges, Brussels Philharmonic and the Royal Ballet School of Antwerp.


This morning 29 April TADA founder Sofie Foets had a video call with Queen Mathilde.

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Well done , but wearing one ot the most expensive Delvaux handbag was not a good idée.

Modekoninginmathilde.be says that the bag is from C'est Dior, so slightly cheaper than Delvaux.

I suppose the queen needed a bag to put the fresh strawberries that she received during her visit. I bought them yesterday at Carrefour as well and they are delicious.
Queen Mathilde talking today with residents of the non-profit housing project @ 1Toit2Ages
in this period of coronavirus. 1Toit2Ages offers intergenerational housing where students live with an elderly person.


Queen Mathilde had a conversation today with Mrs. Jennifer Pots on mental health in times of Coronavirus. Ms. Pots is coordinator & spokesperson for the Federation of Tele-Reception Services of Flanders.

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Queen Mathilde visit to Gediflora in Oostnieuwkerke, today 28 May . The queen meets with several women entrepreneurs in the floriculture sector (sierteelt) and will talk about the impact of the ongoing corona virus crisis on their businesses.


https://www.ppe-agency.com/show.php?zoektype=2&search=28-05-2020 Belgium

"It was a pleasure to speak with SDG Advocate and #HumanCapital Champion Queen Mathilde, on our #COVID19 response and how to best protect people in terms of access to services, learning outcomes, gender, mental health, and vulnerable populations."

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Queen Mathilde had a work meeting at the Center for Mental Health Care in Turnhout today, June 25:

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