Queen Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 7: June 2016 - November 2016

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Lovely new dress on queen Letizia in New York today.
it is a new Carolina Herrera dress!
A really striking outfit and beautifully accessorised too!
i am probably the only one who doesn't like this... :)
the print is too busy for my liking.
This is a great and timeless dress. The print and the colors are nice. Letizia does look good!
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Very nice dress! Love the shoes and bag.
Nice combination of colors and a great fit while avoiding any "sausage casing" look-she looks really good.:flowers:
i am probably the only one who doesn't like this... :)
the print is too busy for my liking.

I agree. I like the cut/style of the dress, but the print is just...not pleasing to my eyes.
If I remember correctly this white suit is from Zara? - I saw the same one in the shop window of one of Zara's London stores last year. It's beautifully simple and elegant and I think white is my favourite colour on Letizia.
i liked the red and white print dress on Letizia - its always refreshing when she wears a print.
I think Letizia looks nice and simple in her latest outfit, though her top does remind me of one of my pyjama tops. That's just a minor doubt I have about her outfit though.
Not a look for a Queen, very disappointing, especially the t-shirt look.
Would have liked to seen more color but the style is very figure-flattering and the shoes are the BOMB!!!!
I like all the appearance! Dress, shoes, earrings!!
I dislike her appearance. The dress is ill-fitting IMO. It looks too tight and she has difficulty catching a breathe. Moreover, when looking at the pictures, the appliqués look like stars but its only when you look at close up pictures you realize they are flowers, still not pretty.

The shoes are boring. The best thing about this outfit is the color.

Its a nice colour but sadly Letizia manages to make her outfits look like they are still on a mannequin,she seems to have no imagination where jewelry is concerned and her outfits are more or less boring .
The dress is very beautiful. She looks very lovely.
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