Princess Sofia's Fashion & Style, Part 2: May 2016 - March 2017

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She looked lovely, but I wish she could find clothes that fit her changing body.

Imho, queen Silvia is uncomparable to Sofia and even to her daughters on the fashion: she looks elegant even when wearing potato sacks or awful gowns. Another, total, different level than anyone in her family.
the dress is definitely tight nowadays.

a picture of sofia's tattoo on her leg has been shown, taken on her last visit to sophiahemmet. i wonder what the characters mean...
On the upside, the dress is not too tight. ;)
And I like the hair and makeup. It's very clean and fresh which works for me in the summer. Are there pics of the back?
The dress is a bit too girly for my taste. But I really love the earrings!
Don't like the dress. It's a shapeless garb but her make-up is on point.
Not a fan of the dress or her earring...the rest is nice.

I actually don't mind the dress. It's different. The makeup I'm not liking. Too much contouring for someone that doesn't really need it.
i like the whole thing! the dress, make up and hairstyle are a bit different, so it is nice to see some thing a bit unusual as a change! i like the cut of the dress in that it is very unique, and also the statement earrings. the make up is also very nicely done, i like how they chose to highlight sofia's eyes.
I like Sofia's dress. It's lacy but it's not little-girly, IMO, because of the interesting cut. I like everything about her look today except for the earrings. I think they are too big, and they look heavy and painful dragging on the ear-lobes, too. I would prefer smaller earrings, but that's only a matter of personal preference.
I really like her look, motherhood seems to agree with her. I like that her earnings match her shoes
I love that Sofia is willing to try something different and to such great effect. Love it or hate it, it is a totally different "look" for her and I admire her for trying it.

Personally, I think the dress is amazing on her and is not designed to be to be 'girly' or 'fussy'. The sleek hairstyle and the statement earrings really pop and her silver Clutch and shoes give a complimentary sleek look.

All in all, I think the ensemble really enhances Sofia's femininity.
The dress screams "beach bride", too informal for the black tie event. Once again Sofia is borrowing Victoria's earrings.
Um... dislike most of Princess Sofia's ensemble. Busy dress with zig-zag hem; flat, center-parted hair; and panda-eye make-up.

On the positive side: the dress fits, pretty flowers, and good silver accessories.
I agree with others the dress is too busy, too much going at the same time. The middle parting hairstyle is most unflattering for Sofia.
Its good to see that Sofia wears dress that fits her body shape. Not fan of the lacy dresses though.
As I was looking at the weird hem of the dress, then I could not help but notice that Sofia seem to have bowed legs. I haven't noticed this before.

But overall I like this look. At least its something different and suits Sofia.
Very nice look, the dress fits well and is summery. A little heavy hand on the makeup but she looks great. Don't like the earrings
The whole look is a hit for me. Is it a dress or skirt and top? The color,the silver shoes and purse, the flowers are so complimentary. Makeup is different than her usual but I like it.
This white lacy/cut-out material seems so in vogue this season. The lady behind CP and Sofia on the red carpet was wearing a short dress with similar material and Victoria's dress at the christening was similar material.
Sofia's looks got a mixed review. I liked the make-up. Her hair wasn't really flattering as with her big forehear, that kind of style is tricky, but this time it worked better. The dress was a disaster.
I thought she looked lovely I like the earrings and the dress has a petticoat to just the perfect length I like her hair and the look seems very appropriate for the event
I'm on the fence with Sofia's dress she wore to the Music Prize. One part of me loves it, though the other half of me still likes it, but thinks that it's too informal for the event (I agree with LadyFinn that it has quite a beachy vibe). Her silver shoes are wonderful though.
Something bother me to all look. I don't like it.
Mixed. I like parts of the dress but I don't like the black waist line. I don't know if it is sheer or just looks like it, but find it awkward. I also find the double bottom almost childish. But I do like the print, and the vertical detail of the top. :flowers:

I like her jacket and shoes, but have to agree, don't like the hair.
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