Princess Sofia's Fashion & Style, Part 2: May 2016 - March 2017

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Like: black and white colors and eyelet design
Dislike: the top's cropped layer, ruffled hem, and hair
Neutral: shoes (sensible for grass but meh on the style)
I'm also mixed about this look.
Part of me kinda like it (it def. shows off her back-in-shape-body) but yet I'm really bored with all those lacy dresses, so what was the point of adding yet another one to the mix. Especially a dress that shows that much skin at the back
Contrast flounced mini dress | Self-portrait | MATCHESFASHION.COM US

Oooh! That's what the cropped layer is for... I wondered why it wasn't longer and attached to the belt.
I'm leaning more towards dislike due to the uneven material and translucent effect.
The dress would be ok to a informal dinner with some friends, but not at an official celebration of the crown princess's birthday out at a sports arena. It dress is too short and doesn't look very flattering on Sofia. Her hair looks terrible. And since it is a joyful occasion, it would be nice to see more colourful outfits, not always black on her outfit.

In 2014
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In 2015
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Hmmm...not sure what to think about this look....I want to like it...I don't think I do.

The dress would have been fine had it been longer. And she really should quit wearing those sandal as they make her plumper and shorter.
I liked the dress and shoes nothing over done I think it was fine for the event since it was not a formal event.
The dress would be ok to a informal dinner with some friends, but not at an official celebration of the crown princess's birthday out at a sports arena.

Victorias birthday concert is both formal and informal. There has never been anything fancy about the dress code to these events, and I think that Sofias dress was totally appropriate. Not my personal favorite, but nothing wrong at all. I also think she chose practical shoes, considering that it's hard to walk on grass with high heels.
an okay dress - nothing particularly exciting, but not bad either. i wish she had done something with the hair though.
I liked her hair, it looks full and bouncy. The dress is cute and young but a little too cut up and frou frou for someone so. Petite.
:previous: yes, "blue" is definitely the best way to describe it ;)
The color is the only positive thing I can say, lovely color :flowers: Rest:ermm:
i like the colour, but something does not seem to fit right. her hair also looks strange and seems to 'stick' to her head, particularly at the top.
Oh that is unfortunate.....yikes!

I have never liked those bell sleeves and it looks wrinkled:ermm:
Meh....blah. The top is too plain..needs some jewelry. Color is kinda flat.

Not liking the hair. Too flat and molded to her head.

What was that? A strange dress/curtain? Can't decide.

She should do something with her hair too, particularly with the double color...
I like Sofia. I think she's beautiful and dresses on point for the most part.
I like it, too. I don't like this kind of sleeves, but I like everything else on the dress. The colour, the print, the length, etc. It's completely okay for the occasion. No need there for a colourful "look at me"-dress. There's also no need for jewellery. It would clash to much with the nice print on the hems. And the wrinkles someone complaint about ... well, those are just normal after sitting a while. Nothing to get all worked up over.

The hair is also okay. It would look a bit nicer if the fan would have blown it a bit more wavey and fuller, but that doesn't mean it looks bad. It's not perfect but completely okay.
I think the suit is very elegant without looking too "business professional". It's a hard line to draw and so far she is doing well. The cut is perfect for her as is the length of the leg and even her stiletto heels all work to project the right image "look".

The only thing I would love to see is a little flexibility in hairstyles, however, the wrong updo would have tipped that suit into the "business" category so there are no hard and fast rules. Interestingly, she is styling a totally 'Sophia' look as opposed to Victoria or Madeleine.
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