Princess Marie is Pregnant with Second Child: Due January 2012

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And the happy father has said a few words: Billed-Bladet - Prins Joachim: Jeg vil også gerne have en pige

"For all married couple and parents, the happiest message to announce is that we are expecting a child".

But father of four?!?
Joachim: "It'll be one big milling about. Certainly if I look at the Crown Prince, I know it'll be one big milling about. But it's still a happy event.... it's wonderful".

Boy or a girl?
Joachim: "We hope, first and foremost, for a healthy and happy child, that's the all important thing. As for the sex.... with three boys I too would like a girl".

There will be eleven years between Nikolai and bette Marie/bette Joachim. Will that be an issue?
Joachim: "I don't think that will be a particularly big problem. The two oldest are doing tremendously with their younger brother, so I can't see why they shouldn't have a splendid time with number four".

Joachim added an anecdote.
When they were children they asked Prince Henrik why they were only two. Papa Henrik replied: "You can make up for it, because I'd like eight grandchildren". (*)
Joachim adds: "At least one of the longlasting wishes are being fulfilled".

(*) After having Frederik and Joachim QMII had a miscarriage and as far as I understand, she was advised not to attempt to have more children.

Bette Marie/bette Joachim are names invented by me.
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(*) After having Frederik and Joachim QMII had a miscarriage and as far as I understand, she was advised not to attempt to have more children.

When did this miscarriage happen?
I share the same feelings.By the way,where has disappeared the thread "Who is the next Princess to get pregnant?"?

The thread has been removed as it has basically been a speculative thread.


Besides that please don't forget that this is a thread for Princess Marie and Prince Joachim's
new baby, not one about other royal ladies!
I am so happy!

I hope it's a girl.
Congratulations to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie ! :flowers:

I hope they will have a girl too.
Wonderful news! So happy for them! Now there are 2 royal little ones to be excited about...
You know I often forget about Joachim's two children, from a previous marriage. When the newspaper said that now he will be a father of 4, it took me a minute to remember them?
Will the baby really be named Marie if it is a girl, and Joachim if it is a boy like the article says!?
There is a French saying 'Jamais deux sans trois" (never two without three) first Victoria, then Philomena then Marie !
Today was a Doctor Appt and rat race/errands day, so to come home and see this news was such a wonderful pick me up. :eek:D

Congratulations to the Danish Royal Family on their little addition that's coming in January!!!
Congratulations to Joachim & Marie - they definitely need a pretty girl now!!!!!! :flowers::flowers::flowers:
wow im sooooo happy!!! the baby must be born healthy and happy because its what matters, but i wanted a boy! i might be the only one here, but i dont know, i can feel it! if its a girl ill be happy too anyway ;)


wow im really excited!!!
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With many grandsons I am sure the quern would be delighted as well as Marie to give birth to another baby princess of Denmark, I mean Joachim has three sons I am sure they are wanting a girl. I hope they do but whatever it is I am happy for them also.
Congratulations! I wish Princess Marie a Safe and Healthy Pregnancy! :daneflag: :baby:
Congratulations to Princess Marie and Prince Joachim! I hope they will have a girl!;) I saw the news of her pregnancy on the news on TV yesterday. I remember that Marie mentioned one time that she'd like to have another child and it was true.:)
Congratulations to Prince Joachim and Princess Marie! :flowers: :daneflag:

When I saw the 'official' family photos taken this summer I thought to myself " I wonder if Marie is pregnant" and turns out she is! She's even further than Victoria and has managed to keep it a secret until now. I'm hoping it will be a girl; although there are a lot of princesses in Europe right now, Denmark needs more princesses. :)

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Congratulations to Princess Marie and Prince Joachim! :flowers: :)
Congrats to Joachim and Marie!!!! First Victoria and Daniel, now them...Can't wait for the next baby announcement!! :)
Boy or a girl?
Joachim: "We hope, first and foremost, for a healthy and happy child, that's the all important thing. As for the sex.... with three boys I too would like a girl".

It surprises me that Joachim would be that candid (in public) about wanting a girl if he already didn't know that the baby would be a girl. Just a thought...they waited long enough to announce and probably know what the gender is. Time will tell! :)
Don't you find the timing of the announcement odd? Obviously, it's been announced a bit later than usual. One possibility (I hope not!) is that the pregnancy has had some difficulties and they wanted to wait a bit. The other one is that they wanted to spend a quiet summer and not let the press know during the family photo shoot. And yet...why announcing it during the CPC's tour?? Did they want to steal the show a bit?? Am I being too mean?
(I agree with windsorgirl that maybe they already know the sex of the baby, but who knows...?)
I don't think they plan to announce it when they want, it was released by the court and not Joachim or Marie before hand. Im sure they would've needed the Queens approval for such an announcement at this time. I also don't see why it takes the limelight out of the Crown Prince's couples tour, they didn't get overshadowed by the news in anyway so far.

The reason maybe they waited a while is that they wanted the right time to inform the Queen if she hadn't known or they were having some difficulties or they just decided to wait for a bit longer.

About the gender, Its quite common to ask any expecting parent what would they like the sex of the baby to be and obviously in Joachim's case after 3 boys, a little girl will be more like the answer. You know the sex of the baby at 14 weeks but that is being 50% sure, Dr's like to wait till between 16-18weeks.
Maybe they waited so long with the announcement because they could: Marie is still very slim, no baby bump showing, no baby rumours were running about. They simply might have enjoyed their sweet secrecy. Btw, I would guess that the immediate family has been into the secret for a while. Anyway, it's great news and I wish them all the best!
Probably they know the sex of their child.
Being 35 years old Princess Marie will probably get the advice to have a prenatal screening. This happens mostly in the 12th week of pregnancy.
This is to detect some form of congenital or chromosomal defects like Down Syndrome or Spina Bifida. It is called chorionic villus.
The risk for such defects increases with the older maternal age.
You can then also, if you want, discover the sex of your unborn baby

Maybe that they waited with the announcement till they had the results of the test.
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I remember that at least one among you were a little saddened that our Marie and her Joachim along the rest of the DRF were reduced to props at the recent photoshoot at Gråsten. Where the twins and M&F's family got all the attention.
Had the press only known....:p
Wonderful news I had hoped for another baby for Joachim and Marie! It will be lovely for little Henrik to have a sibling at home all the time.
this is lovely news such a lot of babies in Denmark makes for very happy christmases!
Congratulations to the couple, that's great news!! I wish them a healthy pregnancy.
Congratulations to Joachim and Marie. Hope that she has an easy pregnancy and delivery with a healthy baby in the end.
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