Christening of Princess Athena: May 20, 2012

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Thanks a lot for all the information, Muhler! :flowers:
I was particularly interested in the provenance of the jewellery worn by Marie, as well as the choice of Athena as a name.
thanks Muhler as always for the translations :flowers:

would love to see the picture of Christian trying to hush little Isabella. :)
Overall i was impressed by Isabella's , at 5 years, behavior inside the church. She stood perfectly still once up in the baptismal front with her cousins and brother.
Here it was observed that Nikolai within a few nanoseconds had discarded his suit and put on something more comfortable. (Actually it looks more like Felix to my eyes).
It certainly looks more like Prince Felix than Prince Nikolai :flowers:
You are welcome Polyesco & Artemisia :)

I can add that according to BB Mary's dress was from project D and her clutch was from Prada.
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Thanks Muhler. As always your read was interesting, informative and humourous.
This is a photo from the official DRF site of Joachim, Marie and Athena by the door of the church:

See, the flower pots with the couple's joint monogram. Are these pots permanently by the church or were they borrowed from their home in Shackenborg? It's the firs time I'm seeing pots with royal monograms. Very cute.
That photo is taken at Schackenborg Castle. It´s from their way to the church :flowers:
As far as the situation of what to do with Nikolai and Felix is concerned, this event was little different from little Henrik's arrangements.

Joachim's "second family" christening events have been lower key, especially when it comes to observing royal protocol.

J&A christenings for their two boys were "hat" events, these last two were not. If anything has changed it's the observance of royal protocol, which was not strickly maintained. (Frederik and Nikolai arrived together at Felix's christening, but they were both bachelors at the time)

Although it was nice in a family way for Nikolai and Felix to arrive with their royal grandparents, it was not proper protocol. They should have arrived with J&M.

There was also a lapse in protocol with F&M. They arrived on the same bus as Joachim's in-laws and preceeded them into the church. It was not obvious on the video if the in-laws went in before F&M, but they should have and F&M should have been the second to last being seated - the Queen and PC being the last to enter the church before J&M&family.

At least with little Henrik's christening, Frederik and Mary led a group of royals that included the late Count Carl Johan&wife, QA-M, Prince Nikolaus, Prince Gustave&Carina, Princess Alexandra&Count Jefferson

From a protocol standpoint Nikolai and Felix got promoted to regent level. Frederik and Mary were demoted to escorting Joachim's in-laws.

Nikolai and Felix are well practiced at attending these royal family events and are at an age where they don't need minders.

Even though N&F sort of walked back up the aisle with J&M&family 2.0, it looked bad they did not exit the church together as a family of six.

What seating arrangements happen at Nikolai's confirmation is anybody's guess, but I have no doubt as much publicity as possible will be generated for the number one grandchild.

We will have to wait and see how the protocol gets adapted.
I just stumbled across this picture and had to post it. Christian telling Bella to be quiet during the christening - too funny! Needless to say Bella wasn't impressed :lol:

The best parts of these events are watching the children and their interactions.

I did raise my eyebrows at the Nikolai and Felix seating, and the heart. I agreet that the only ones who know if this is a matter of concern are Felix and Nikolai.
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Translation of a Q&A in Billed Bladet #22, 2012.

Where a Maria Gonzalez ask why Nikolai and Felix, weren't sitting with Joachim and our Marie.

DRF expert and historian Jon Bloch Skipper replies:

You are not the only one who has asked this question. Several readers even hint that the two Princes were even disowned in public in connection with the christening of Princess Athena and that there should be a difference between "your" and "my" children in Prince Joachim and Princess Marie's relationship.
I completely disagree with that. Anyone who have followed the family from Møgeltønder know that Prince Joachim adores all his children and that Princess Marie is as fond of Felix and Nikolai as if they were her own children.
There isn't a hint of a conflict at Schackenborg Manor.
I think that the two Princess were seated like they were due to the layout of the church and because Prince Joachim over time percieve them as being so big that they don't necessarily have to be seated next to dad and bonus mother.
Apart from that Prince Nikolai and Prince Felix arrived to the church along with the Regent Couple. You can hardly call that being disowned.


Summary of article in Billed Bladet #22, 2012.
En stor glad dag - A big happy day.
Written by Henrik Salling and Trine Larsen.

When Joachim met our reporter, Henrik Salling, at some point after the christening, he asked: "How were the odds on Athena"?

Henrik Salling: We weren't even close. Not one single member on the editorial board guessed that name.

What were the feelings of J&M at the christening?
J: "It was a splendid day with a fantastic mood which you only find in Møgeltønder. Møgeltønder was in festive mood. Not only we who live there on a daily basis noticed that, but also our guests".
Joachim adds that they..."were glad that the family, especially those who came from far away sat the village from its best side. Idyllic, serene/good atmosphere, sunny and full of happy people.
It was a delight to gather the entire family. Both the Danish and the French. They show up faithfully". (*)
Joachim laughs and adds: "No they are of course very delighted to come and for that we are very, very glad.
To celebrate our daughter was really lovely and on top up that with sun from above. It was a big, happy day".

Prince Henrik was also asked about the christening. Among other things he told about his family tradition, where the patriarch of the family bless/christen the children with garlic and wine. That was also the case with Athena. That also wards off danger and illness.

PH: "It was lovely to be at the christenings. Both were very grand and very moving.
The christening in Sweden was incredibly evocative and even though it was somewhat bigger it was still very touching and very nice".

One of Athenas names is Marguerite, which PH appreciated a lot: "That was a very sweet and fine gesture. Naturally we are pleased and I think it was a very fine name my grandchild got. Different and very beautiful".

Princess Athena is also Komtesse of Montpezat, I.e. an umarried daughter of a count.

(*) Here (jokingly) in the sense that: When there is free food on the table, you can bet they'll show up!
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