Christening of Prince Vincent and Princess Josephine: April 14, 2011

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Nov 5, 2005
The twin son and daughter of the Crown Prince Couple will be christened on Thursday April 14th, at the Holmens Kirke in Copenhagen.

Deres Kongelige Højheder Kronprinsen og Kronprinsessen afholder dåb for deres tvillingebørn i Holmens Kirke torsdag den 14. april 2011 kl. 15.30.

Christian Schønau
the crown prince and princess norway wont be in Copenhaguen for the christening of the twins. They are in Ghana from 12-14 April.
Summary of article in Billed Bladet #13, 2011.
Sådan bliver festen - That's how the party will be like.
Written by Annelise Weimann.

The celebrations will be in three stages.

Shirley and Elvis will be Christened in Holmens Kirke at 15.30 as you all know. The likable Erik Normann Svendsen will be the priest.
Several hundred guests have been invited to the church, including a large number of children frome the friends and family of M&F.

When the christening is over those guests who are invited to the reception at Amalienborg afterwards will be ferried from the church to Amalienborg.
The guest will be transported in three canal boats (tourist/sightseeing boats) and it will last about an hour. Every boat can accomodate 144 passengers but as they will not be packed to capacity, there should nevertheless be plenty of room for to swing the arms, if they want to.
While the guests are viewing Copenhagen from the sea, the official photos will be taken. So M&F, their nearest family and godparents will not be sailing.

The recption will take place in the Knights Hall/Great Hall at Amalienborg.

At 20.00 there will be a dinner for the family and closest friends in Taffelsalen (the dining hall). 60 people can be seated at the table, but it's doubtful that that many guests will dine at home at M&F.

BB writes that it's more than likely that la Marie will be godmother (fadder) to one of the twins.
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Christening at Holmen Church on 14 April 2011

Baptism of Their Royal Highnesses Crown Prince and Crown Princess twins occur in Holmen Church on 14 April 2011, at. 15.30. Royal Chaplain, Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen appetizers ceremony. After the baptism, there will be a private reception at Frederik VIII's Palace, Amalienborg.

Official pictures of the twins
Holmen's Church
The Royal Baptismal Font and the Royal Christening Set

All the above has been translated & taken from Kongehuset
April 13, 2011 - The prime Minster will present the Crown Prince couple with the Christening gift.
The transmissions have started on DR1 and TV2, also online.

Three hours to go, from this is posted.

The Royal Lifeguard is in red gala uniforms on the occassion.
As a curiosum, two of the guardsmen who have just started their two hour watch are twin brothers.

I suggest you start to look for a live link and post it here.

Look in: or or

This link at TV2 is currently running the live stream of pre-christening commentary.
Is there a link with the texts and the prayers of the christening? There was one for Henrik's christening but I can't find one for today.
Is there a link with the texts and the prayers of the christening? There was one for Henrik's christening but I can't find one for today.
I think it will come as we get closer to the actual christening :)

Prince Joachim has arrived at Amalienborg :)
I am so excited who will the first be christened. The Prince or the Princess! Whats your opinion?
I would venture to guess the Prince, as he was born first. Common logic in my head ;) I'm more interested in seeing the gown solution - will it be two new gowns/replicas or the old gown and a new gown?
I am so excited who will the first be christened. The Prince or the Princess! Whats your opinion?

Elvis first, then Shirley. Simply because Elvis was the first one out.

Billed Bladet informs us that Mary's sister Patricia, her brother John, John Donaldson and Susan Moody and Amber Petty will be present at the christening. Jane is at home in Australia.

Mary is of course pleased to see her family and for that reason, says the article, M&F will not go to Marseliborg this weekend to celebrate QMII's birthday.
Jakob Lorentzen is the organ player at Holmens Kirke. He played the organ sunday when I sang at Holmens Kirke. He´s such a nice guy, but I don´t appreciate his way of playing, it´s very much staccato and not so flowing as I like it, but that´s my taste.
The TV2 Sputnik link will stop to buffer every so often - moreso as we get closer to the christening and more people are viewing the link I'm afraid. I get that two, but it usually kicks back up after about 10-15 seconds.
What time does it start? I ask because I noticed the clock in the upper corner. It's not ticking down to 0, so I'm wondering if I have time to jump in the shower.
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The church looks lovely. Norman Sventsan the minister has just arrived. The little chairs for Christian and Isabella are very cute. I wonder if the twins are sharing godparents there aren't that many seats behind the CPC

Forget coffee I'm on tea, toast and scrambled eggs!
I don't understand anything that is being said. Only words that register with me are Christian, Isabella, Mary, etc. Oh and I think someone said Gaelic and I think the words for guests is the same.

I see some guests are arriving...anyone that we would recognize?
No, you won´t recognize the first part, that´s just normal members of the congregation of Holmens Kirke.
Zonk the only person I recognized was the priest/minister. I thought the website would have released a list of godparents by now
Okay...thanks everyone....

I just need an announcement of the godparents and the names...and I can study for my exam. Come on Mary and Fred!
As far as I remember the godparents-list of Prince Henrik was published about 5 minutes before the christening begun!
I hope Mary wears the same headdress that she wore for the christenings of Christian and Isabella.
Erik Norman Svendsen has revealed that NOW he knows the names and that many will be surprised :)
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