Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 23: February 2012 - April 2012

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As Spanish, I feel really dissapointed about her look. She is much better wearing that beautiful pink dress, the shoes are also perfect but, once more she spoiled her look wearing a black leather jacket....Why she didnt wear a classic coat or jacket????? Really, I dont understand her way. That jacket is perfect to ride a Harley Davidson but not for oficial or public events.
Love the bright pink dress! The shiny hemline is a nice subtle detail.
Those patent leather shoes are great!
I really like the dress, shoes and belt.
Bag not so much.
Jacket not at all. Bad choice for a nice dress like this.
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It's a nice suit but it's so plain a broach would have been nice. She is surrounded by men in suits and she doesn't stand out.
She just needs something to make the look pop. A brooch would be nice but she's never been a great jewelry wearer. I think a different blouse in a strong color would have been a better choice. But overall, I like it.
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I like the look, but I think it would have been a little more cheery with a blouse that was in a brighter color.
Trying to hide in the crowd or..?

Nice but boring. Some color would be great.
Trying to hide in the crowd or..?

Nice but boring. Some color would be great.

That's a good way to describe this look! Nice but boring. It's a nice suit with great shoes, but it all looks a little dull.
Hello, my name is CP Letizia, and I'm here to present your evening news, oh no, I forgot, I'm here to greet dignitaries on behalf do the Spanish royal family!
Is this a repeat of the suit that she wore for another event? I seem to recall that workshirt-like blouse and plain gray pantsuit. Definitely a brooch, a different style blouse or bright color would have definitely feminized this look.

And, Patra, I agree; she looks like she confused her roles and is appearing as a newscaster today.
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Prince Felipe of Spain and Princess Letizia of Spain (C) attend several audiences at Zarzuela Palace on February 21, 2012 in Madrid, Spain.

close up
full view

Nice Pictures , Princess Letizia Look very Nice I Like Her Outfit & The Color Too But Very Very Classic I Think The Outfit Need Something Make It More Fashionable some jewels something Like that But honestly I Like it & I Love Classic Look :flowers:Thanx Duke of Marmalade
The whole suit look is just correct, although it has a nice fit and rich fabric.
I agree with the majority, this is a very nice outfit, but some jewelry would be a great touch here. Perhaps a long double strand of pearls with a jeweled clasp IMO
I like the suit. It looks very well tailored. I think an addition of a brooch would have been nice.
The suit is business like and appropiate for the audiences and functions that Letizia attends. It is of course nice to see her in nice bright colours as well
I like the simple grey suit with the white shirt. She looks very professional here.
I would have prefer a blouse in a different colour, and maybe a necklace, too, but she looks elegant and pretty.
The necklace seems to have nice, well-matching colors - pity it's not more visible. I agree that the Princess looks professional.
I love her green coat, as well as the dress and the shoes. Very elegant.
I like this dress and coat on her. Love the shoes too!
The green of the coat really enhances her eyes and her eye makeup is beautiful. I'm not a fan of those deep pockets, but it is a flattering color on her and the dress pattern is very pretty. I see she's wearing her T-strap retro shoes again! A lovely look today.
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