Princess Letizia's Daytime Fashion Part 23: February 2012 - April 2012

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Letizia looks amazing!!!!! Love this outfit!
I guess these photos are fairer, the outfit looks absolutely elegant!! Hair, make-up, clutch and shoes are all wonderful as well - thumbs up!! :flowers:
Ooh, now this I love. She looks incredibly chic. The blouse fits her perfectly.
I liked the blouse very much. I did not like the belt and the clutch. I think the blouse did fit her but the pants did not. Overall I think it was a chic ensemble.
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Thanks for bringing us so many pictures. They always make my day when seeing her. And this time I was not disappointed one bit. It seems she has much, and within it she chooses to give much for she's always there for others. I commend her and will simply respect her by saying that is a beautiful blouse ensemble. It takes me to another place and time. Good luck.
The blouse isn't too big, it's blousy, a nice look for her. Some of the lighting is very unflattering, from above.
I think Letizia looks terrific. We are always moaning that she wears "business" trouser suits and you have to admit, this outfit is anything but "business"! She looks casually elegant, very, very chic and she has the deportment to carry off the blouson effect without it slipping off centre and looking sloppy.

I have to be honest, I don't usually like really high heels but Letizia's look delicate and elegant and do not have the "stilt" effect. Five gold stars to the lady in black and white! :flowers:
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I like the blouse, looks chic and suits Letizia well. I don't mind the trousers too much, but I'm not fond of the belt.
One of my All-Time-Favourite Daytime dresses:

5 March 2012/ Madrid
HRH Princess Letizia during the launch of
the campaign 'being more, we will be stronger'.
During the ceremony Spanish Main Media Groups' Chairmen
signed a paper to support AECC in its fight against cancer.

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I like the dress on Letizia. A nice bracelet and bigger earrings would have made this look much better.
I find this style so flattering to her figure; I just love those gathers. Larger earrings and a bracelet would have perfected this.
I think the dress is lovely and suits her very well.
This is a lovely dress. Letizia looks amazing!
Very flattering to her figure. Ruffle and ruched, a slightly heavier and subtley colored fabric would have made it perfect.
The grey dress is lovely. Letizia looks elegant in it.
Love the grey dress on Letizia - she has a figure which can carry off the gathers at the side. I agree a bracelet would have been nice to finish off the outfit.
The Prince and Princess of Asturias attended the tribute to the "Live Television Treasures" dedicated to those who work on the Spanish television.
- The whole look
- Close up
- The clutch
- Hairstyle

I rather like this look; it's very simple but beautiful and elegant. The dress is a bit too short for my taste, but Letizia certainly looks great in it. Love the coat and the shoes. Upon seeing better pictures of the clutch, I positively love it too. Overall, in my opinion Letizia looks wonderful. :)

Many more pictures were posted by Lula in the current events thread.
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She looks wonderful! Love the outfit
Gorgeous chic and stylish, well done.
the clutch is amazing !! and the cut and style of the outfit is classy !
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