Princess Lalla Meryem Current Events: December 2003 -

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I liked her speech very much,very nice.
I am also glad to see here again after all these time.
she looks lovely
yes, nice to see her again after all these time:)
Princess Lalla Meryem Chairs Board of Directors of Hassan II Foundation for Social Works
Rabat - Upon high instructions of HM King Mohammed VI, Supreme Commander and Chief of Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), Princess Lalla Meryem, Chairwoman of the Hassan II Foundation for the social works of the former soldiers and ex-combatants, chaired on Friday the fourth Board of Directors of the Foundation, said a statement of FAR's Inspectorate-General....MAP++++Picture

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Award Received by Princess Lalla Meryem a Recognition for Actions for Moroccan Women's Dignity
Paris - Princess Lalla Meryem said, on Thursday in Paris, that the award granted to her by the World Women Leaders Association is "a recognition for the daily struggle of Moroccan women for dignity and equality."
there is more pics on isifa but I have no idea how to make them bigger.
some help plz?:):flowers:
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Princess Lalla Meryem chairs inauguration ceremony of Rabat diplomatic club's charity bazaar
Rabat - Princess Lalla Meryem presided, on Saturday in Rabat, over the inauguration ceremony of the Rabat diplomatic club's charity bazaar, organized by the wives of foreign ambassadors to Morocco, under the patronage of HM King Mohammed VI.
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Princess Lalla Meryem receives Chairwoman of Bulgarian parliament
Rabat - HRH Princess Lalla Meryem, President of Social Services of the Royal Armed Forces, received, on Sunday in Rabat, Chairwoman of Bulgaria's National Assembly (parliament) Tsetska Tsacheva, who is on a working visit to Morocco....MAP---Big picture

Princess Lalla Meryem chairs official meeting of 7th national session of Children's Parliament

Home: Princess Lalla Meryem chairs official meeting of 7th national session of Children's Parliament
Another pic:
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Rabat to host International Women's Congress in May
Held under the Chairmanship of HRH Princess Lalla Meryem, President of the National Union of Moroccan Women (UNFM), this Congress, organized to mark the 40th anniversary of the UNFM, will bring together women ministers, experts, researchers, lawyers, sociologists and representatives of civil society from over 30 countries to exchange their experiences at the political, economic, social and cultural levels.....MAP
lalla soukaina also in the picture
OH!! that's really Lalla soukaina,I am happy to see her again she looks pretty.
don't you guys notice MAP is so generous with Princesses pics lately:D
really glad to see Lalla Soukaina,she looks stunning:)
glad to see her attending too and she will not be alone her daughter Lalla Soukaina will go with her too.
Princess Meryem is a very special woman, and have done a very good job for the people of Morocco, and the International community. She is a very beautiful woman with a heart of compassion.
Lalla meryem didn't attends the the annual meeting of Goodwill Ambassadors of the UNESCO?
I couldn't find any pic.the Meeting was held today.
HRH Princess Lalla Meryem chairs in Rabat opening ceremony of Diplomatic Club charity bazaar
Rabat -
HRH Princess Lalla Meryem chaired on Saturday the opening ceremony of the International Charity Bazaar of Rabat Diplomatic Club, under the high patronage of HM King Mohammed VI.....MAP
I've first heard of her her on Alberts and Charlenes wedding (I have no idea how she could fly under my radar for so long) and try to "follow" her since then. She is really beautiful, a picture of sophistication and wealth, but it seems like she is never smiling. Is there a reason behind, or has she always been so serious?
she don't smile like she use to be even before her dad death.
I think she didn't stand the failure of an arranged marriage I think it's not easy to survive that.
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