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Nov 13, 2003
Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco, daughter of His Majesty the late King Hassan II of Morocco is the most recent personality to join the prestigious list of UNESCO Goodwill Ambassadors. Nominated in July 2001, she will focus her Ambassadorship on UNESCO projects for women and children. Using her Royal status, she will continue her outstanding work on behalf of women and children and advocate their rights on an international level.

Holder of numerous prestigious official functions, Princess Lalla Meryem has focused much of her activities on the social and cultural realm. She takes great interest in the role of the women in Maghrebian and Arab society and in Morocco in particular and has been a foremost campaigner for the ratification of the International Convention for the Rights of the Child.


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i think Princess Mariam is the most beautiful of King Muhammad's three sisters..better looking than his wife even. Its nice to know she's getting more prominence on the international scene
She is very beautiful and I like her moroccon (arab) style of fashion.
Biography of Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco

Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem of Morocco was born in Italy

After the Baccalaureat obtained in 1981 H.R.H. Princess Lalla Meryem was nominated by His Majesty King Hassan II the President of Social Works of the Royal Army Forces

Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem is very interessted by the social and cultural activities, by the role of the women in Arab and Mabrebine society and in particular by the role of women in Morocco

Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem is the:

- President of the Moroccan Association of support to UNECEF (AMS/UNICEF)

- President of the Foundation Hassan II for the Morrocans residing at abroad

- President of the Moroccan National Observatory of the Childs Rights

- President of the Foundation Hassan II for the social works of the former soldiers and ex-combatants
H.M. King Mohammed VI of Morocco, on Thursday, appointed his sister, HRH Princess Lalla Meryem, chairwoman of the National Union of Moroccan women, in replacement of the late HRH princess Lalla Fatima Zohra who passed away in September.

The appointment, says the Royal Palace, shows HM the king's care and interest to this humanitarian organization which aims at improving the women's condition in Morocco.

The sovereign also paid tribute to the late HRH princess Lalla Fatima Zohra who was daughter of Sultan Moulay Abdelaziz, and spouse of the late prince Moulay Al Hassan Belmehdi, who served before the independence, under the reign of the late HM king Mohammed V, Caliph of the Sultan in Northern Morocco.

S.A.R. la Princesse Lalla Meryem, Présidente de l'Union nationale des femmes marocaines


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Morocco's Princess Lalla Meryem, chairwoman of the National Union of Moroccan Women, underlined, in Paris Thursday, the "shared history and memory" between Morocco and France, at the opening of the first general assembly of the Union of women holders of French legion d'honneur decoration.

"Our common history, our shared memory attest of a never denied exception for the ties that were weaved between our two peoples. They are also foundations of intentions that we will forge together for a future liberated from the demons of blind intolerance.," said the Princess who is sister of King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

Lalla Meryem recalled the participation of Moroccan soldiers in the French Army during the second world war to fight "barbarism and tyranny. "They have, thus, responded in courage and determination to the call of My Grandfather His Majesty King Mohammed V, companion of the liberation, may God bless His memory, who has endeavoured, during his entire life, for a world of freedom and equality with men.," the princess went on.

"It is this exemplarity which inspires, today, the action of our two countries, under the enlightened guidance of His Majesty King Mohammed VI and His Excellency President Jacques Chirac.," Lalla Meryem said noting that "as strategic partners as we are, we are endeavouring to bring about a Euro-Mediterranean space for peace, security, stability, democracy, tolerance, shared prosperity, to establish its historic vocation as a cradle of civilizations and a crossroad of interaction for diverse cultures."

The Princess thanked participants for their "strong homage" to the late Royal Highness Princess Lalla Fatima Zahra, former Chairwoman of the National Union of Moroccan Women.

"Militant in her early life, the late Lalla Fatima Zahra engaged in the audacious fight for the emancipation of the Moroccan and the Arab-Moslem woman. She dedicated her life to the disabused, the excluded, and to all those excluded by fatality. She travelled around the country, including the most remote areas to eliminate illiteracy, provide care, help raise awareness of women, not only regarding their rights, but also their position and their unavoidable role in the society.," the Princess told participants in this ceremony held in memory of the late Fatima Zahra.
HRH Princess Lalla Meryem chairs the first Board of directors management Committee of the Foundation Hassan II for works social of the former soldiers and ex-serviceman

23/04/04 - HRH Princess Lalla Meryem, president of the Foundation Hassan II for social works of the former soldiers and ex-serviceman, chaired, Friday with Rabat, the first Board of directors of the management committee of this institution.

On her arrival in the Center of management training of the social services of the royal army Forces (RAF), HRH Princess Lalla Meryem reviewed a detachment of pupil-officers, welfare officers of the RAF, who returned the honors, before being greeted by Mr. Abderrahmane Sbaï, minister delegated to the Prime Minister in charge of the administration of national defense, chair deputy Foundation, the colonel major Mohamed Barouk, first vice-president, colonel Mokhtar Bernichi, second vice-president, colonel Abdelaziz Ouardi, third vice-president and colonel Mohamed Ben Zarrouk, secretary-general.

HRH Princess Lalla Meryem was also greeted by the other members of the Board of directors of the management committee and by the director of the Center of management training of the social services of the RAF, colonel Mohamed Zanati.

With the exit of work of this Council, whose program comprised in particular an intervention of the deputy president and the presentation of the reports/ratios moral and financial, HRH Princess Lalla Meryem signed the verbal lawsuit of the annual meeting and the other recommendations.

The Foundation Hassan II for social works of the former soldiers and ex-serviceman was instituted by the law N° 34-97 promulgated by Dahir N° 1-99-192 of 13 Joumada-I 1420 (August 25, 1999).

The purpose of this is to promote the reintegration of the former soldiers and ex-serviceman in the civil life and to develop the family and social mutual aid with their profit and in favour of the war orphans.

For this operation, the Foundation is equipped with structures of administration as well at the central level as regional, of which in particular the management Committee that HRH Princess Lalla Meryem chairs, and of the regional committees where are represented all the parts interested by this noble mission.

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she was in france and she talk about new family law, she is sun of maroc
Full text of the royal message to the National Congress of the Child’s Rights

RABAT, May 25 - Here follows the full text of the message addressed on Tuesday by King Mohammed VI of Morocco to the 10th edition of the National Congress of the Child’s Rights, read on his behalf by his sister, HRH Princess Lalla Meryem, Chairwoman of the National Observatory of the Child’ Rights :

Praise be to God

Peace and blessings be upon the Prophet, His Kith and Kin

Beloved children,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

As the country celebrates the National Child Day, the commemoration of which was decided by my revered Father, His Majesty King Hassan II, may He rest in peace, it gives me great pleasure to address this purposeful gathering of children, experts and representatives of the institutions concerned, who are convening to take stock of what has been achieved and to chart future action. Our goal is to make further achievements in support of the nation’s foremost wealth, namely our youth and skilled human resources.

I should like to commend the realistic approach which has characterized your action since the inception of the National Observatory for Child Rights, chaired by my sister, Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem.

Specializing in child affairs, this national institution brings together all government authorities concerned as well as representatives of civil society. I am convinced the Observatory is capable of rising to all challenges, and engaging in dedicated, constructive dialogue with a view to drawing up a national plan.

This plan should reflect my concern to improve the condition of the child, as well as the special care and affection I have for children. It is to be integrated in the global project for a modern, democratic society, which I am particularly keen to bring to fruition, as the embodiment of the aspirations of an entire nation. Doing justice to women, protecting children’s rights, and preserving men’s dignity, through the new Family Code, which is meant to help build a closely-knit family unit, are basic components as well as key objectives of the project.

Our country has made considerable progress in the area of child protection and promotion of children’s conditions. Efforts have focussed on education and teaching, protection measures, as well as sensitisation to the risks of violence, abuse and ill-treatment. Still, the aspirations and ambitions we have for our children and the forthcoming generations, in terms of ensuring proper upbringing, preserving their dignity, and giving them quality training to help them meet the challenges of their time, require that the partners concerned exert much more efforts at all levels.

There is no doubt in my mind that we can overcome all obstacles and honour our international obligations. I should like, in this respect, to express full support for the excellent programs supervised by my sister, Her Royal Highness Princess Lalla Meryem.

I urge all actors involved - government authorities, local communities, civil society, private sector and the media - to show even greater mobilization and co-ordination of their efforts in order to improve the condition of children, as part of an integrated plan for the next decade. They should provide all the means needed to ensure good upbringing of children, so that they may have an open mind and a balanced personality, and contribute to the development of their society. They should fully enjoy their rights as citizens; hence the need to overcome such impediments as poverty, marginalization, illiteracy as well as serious and infectious diseases. Social services should be made available to our children, especially youngsters in difficult situations, and those living in marginalized neighbourhoods or rural areas.

I am particularly keen to see to it that children are provided with a democratic education. I take considerable pride in the effective, responsible participation of children in the various sessions of the Parliament of the Child and in international meetings. We should encourage children to be firmly committed to good morals, to human ideals, and to the rights and obligations entailed by responsible citizenship. They should also be encouraged to take keen interest in the sound management of public affairs, based on tolerance, respect of other people’s views and total rejection of all forms of extremism, violence and abuse. We should instil in our children the love of the homeland, of life in dignity and in a healthy environment. We must teach them to respect the rule of law and to support coexistence and constructive interaction with all human civilizations and with people of the revealed religions. Our children should be encouraged to uphold universal human rights, but remain faithful to their distinctive Moroccan identity, displaying an open, rational attitude towards the requirements of their times.

Wishing you success in your endeavours, I urge you to do everything you can to make sure the national plan will live up to my expectations and produce concrete results, in line with our international obligations as well as with our distinctive, time-honoured identity. You must take all necessary measures so that our country may stand out as a model in the area of protecting child rights. I urge all actors concerned to undertake concerted action to achieve this, an objective I eagerly look forward to, and so do my loyal subjects.

May Almighty God guide your steps. May He help us achieve what we want for our children, namely to acquire knowledge and be enthusiastic, dedicated citizens, for that is the key to meeting the challenges facing our nation, in a fast-changing world. We want our children to enjoy the blessing of self-confidence, and show resourcefulness and perseverance in building their country. We want them to foster unity and promote democracy, social solidarity, and economic development, and to help enhance the nation’s international standing, for the benefit of all social categories and all regions of our beloved country, in the interest of our children, who will be young men and women at the beginning of the next decade.

I believe we can rise to that challenge.

Wassalmu alaikum warahmatullah wabarakatuh.

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why did Lalla myriem and Lalla Hasnaa divorce. What I mean is there a particular reason. specially in a muslim country, I would not have thought 2 princesses would ...
karima said:
why did Lalla myriem and Lalla Hasnaa divorce. What I mean is there a particular reason. specially in a muslim country, I would not have thought 2 princesses would ...
is lalla hasna divorce?
abir said:
The children of Lalla Meryem' look more like their father. Here is the link to a picture and an article of Fouad Filali, Lalla Meryem ex-husband.
Fouad Filali, the ex-prsident of ONA, is neither a social quation several unknown, nor a lectron free from financire Moroccan galaxy whose premire caractristique is the opacit and the absence of vision. It made in the dignit the boss's apron of the first group Moroccan priv, on April 20th, 1999. This fact, malgr of often destructive expectation and sometimes bad faith, droul in a climate of srnit which says a lot on the capacit of Fouad Filali there to make face the adversit under all its forms.
Our man, a manager count of 44 years, sports paces and in athnien contour, is not n of the dernire rain. He knows whom he is. That he owes his pre and his country. It also grabs the borders of its rves and of its ambition. It connat, especially, intimately good fes which trs tt lean on his cradle to make of him what it became. A man lineage, unquestionable loyaut, honor by the Moroccan monarchy and

What adds sense in all that, Fouad Filali knows how to put into perspective events and things. They can have all the destinies of the world reunited in a life, it resides nevertheless, beyond all the chances which wallpapered his life, that there remains a man with a destiny of man made greatness, joy, sadness, weakness and proofs. It never pleads infallibility or perfection even if they demand of him often, in his defending body, by a kind of sublimated projection, a perfect and ideal attitude.

In a country where predominant culture is that of people of good, the rancur calculated on the curve of events, the hate tested on the vagaries of life, flamboyant defamation reinforced by anonymity historically, do not represent stocks to the aune of which they can judge Fouad Filali.
He did not choose to be son of ambassador and to cross, notably, a Chinese adolescence rich in experiments and in strong feelings of oddness. He did not choose to be son of a minister respectable and respected in blameless patriotic course. It did not choose a conjugal life which made of him the father of grandchildren of SM The king Hassan II. It, whose ancestors were always subjects very close to Moroccan sovereigns. Fouad Filali lived and always saw this destiny as a sum of honours and differentiations a legitimate pride of which he draws. Nevertheless, as though it was a psychological clamping, it continues wanting to dress his person of a Moroccans. Fouad Filali lived and always saw this destiny as a sum of honours and differentiations a legitimate pride of which he draws. Nevertheless, as though it was a psychological clamping, it continues wanting to dress his person of a simple, everyday humankind, made calm mornings and soft family parties. It is stubborn, sometimes with awkwardness and often successfully, in wanting to introduce a practice into its life citizen of responsibility at the risk of creating a gap between what he is profoundly and the way with which it is perceptible. A not sought-after effect which explains probably the barely observable voile which sometimes covers its look and the at the same time tender and distant tone which marks its voice.

The man who that day explains his departure of ONA calmly is not persuasive. But does he indeed wish it certainly? The humid eyes, rested traits but indeed of tiredness and anxiety, he does not arrive or does not want to approach the true reasons of his departure of this prestigious group. He knows that, by this attitude, he stirs the forehead of willful rumours and that he reinforces harmful speculations of all those who have taken up a cabale full of hatred for several weeks against it. They reduced his backlash deprived to destroy its professional picture better. A technique, one thousand deplorable times, alone the sly circles of financial power of which have fine workmanship. But nothing of the kind show on the surface in the purposes of the young leaving president. But it really flings its in one's own way truths policée, technocratic and firm. When the reference stockholder put it at the head of this group, it gave him as mandate to put ONA in the service of the

ONA in the service of the economic and social development of Morocco.
The country need a group deprived as engine, ONA had to create of the value in interest of its environment and of his stockholders. From 1986 till 1999, Fouad Filali held this line of conduct while making sure that ONA becomes a group endowed with a strategical vision, structured, transparent and productive. In epoch, financial capitalism did not exist under its actual form, the grant of Casablanca was virtual and bets it at level, and its corollary that is the globalization, a distant borderline in a protected market was only.
The development of the financial market and the unbridled running for the control of whole sections of Moroccan financial cloth, without anti-monopoly law, without loins anti-hoarding, without law on competition are going to drive in this area to situations of violence and "savageness " which get American liberalism for a soft meadow.
Most normally of the world, a new main stockholder was obvious to the cur of ONA by means of catch of various participations. It is consequently in time to dictate its law rightfully and legally even if it will appear later that the same stockholder, by the same system, and if his plans become a reality, will be led to control 70 % of main market capitalizations of the country. A colossal figure: 101 billions of dirhams on 142 billions.

In this context, the wolf being already in the sheep barn, ONA was not any more ONA. And the mandate of Fouad Filali had become null and void, because it had not as objective at first to manage a financial group. But outright a group which creates of the true value. Out of boutoir of massive and efficient stock exchange transactions, those who led hard life to ONA outside weighed of all their weight of inside all at once to jostle things. The worm was in the fruit.

The initial mandate of Fouad Filali ended. Normally in a national tâtonnante economy and experimental, in a sulphurous and initiated financial bubble and in a ridiculous and ridiculous Moroccan liberalism. The games of roles supplanting the creative true economic effectiveness of jobs and of true treasures. Fouad Filali said nothing about all that. Naturally. It did not need it. It has already been elsewhere. It remains proud of its group. Of 2M and of the nice intellectual and political adventure which it represented. Of his mining growth.
His developments in the field of tourism, of share-out and of the peach. His true jobs where urban and country workers act for their good, the ease of their family and that of their community. It forgets Fouad Filali nothing of the kind. When that day, voice is not clutched by emotion and when look is not put out by an inexpressible regret, it succeeds in expressing,

" A registration desk was organized in your honour, and We want today to organize this ceremony in acknowledgement in services returned by the man, the citizen, by the State man, by the minister and by the companion that you are. We do not forget that our Augustus father, that God rest his soul, always said to us that our grandfather, Moulay Youssef, that God has it in His Holy Mercy, and your father maintains very solid relations.
These relations continued with our father, that God rest his soul. According to the example of your father, you have father as uvré beside our regretted and in Our side personally. I could say only a thing: I always found in you the citizen mobilized, arranged and ready to take any mission and any responsibility. In our personal name, and in the name of the Moroccan people whom you served with abnegation and fidelity, we would like to manifest you our acknowledgement by granting you this Wissam so that all the Moroccans know your place
I still do not understand

1) after parts translation(the free online translation only translates 100 words a time), I still do not understand what the story is about, except the title means "family saga". Could some French readers(I admire you so much! ) tell me:
1- what this man is all about,
2-how he met princess Lalla Meryem,
3- what his backgound,
4-why he was chosen as the princess` consort
5-what his job is/was
6-what he did wrong
7-why they are now divorced

2) May I ask why Lalla Meryem is still not remarried-she is a princess, she is beautiful-can she not find love again in Morocco? If a prince were to divorce, so many women would just line up to marry him.
3)what is the reason for the another princess` divorce?
4)Is it common for the Muslim women to get divorced? How are they going to survive after the divorce from the breadwinner??(for commoners` case)

Thank you very much for your kindness.
I greatly appreciate the intelligence of the memebers of this board.
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Lalla meryem wasn't present to welcome Q. Paola and K. Albert last October, and she wasn't in this year marakech film festival. Maybe she only doesn't want to be there, she appears a lot during her social work in her country. Before king wedding to salma, the king was seen either with his brother or with one of his sisters. then when salma appears with the king, the whole family were there, and sometimes I found it too much, what if the king will have 5 children? So I just beleive it's nice to not see them always together.
I actually think its nice to see the King's sisters with him. It means they're a close family. The sisters are included in everything. Besides, its not like they're with the King and Princess Salma all the time. The only time they are with the King or Princess Salma is at an important/official event like a royal gala or the film festival. And since those are the events that are publicized, we only get to see those pictures. I doubt they're together all the time in their day-to-day life.
Maybe. I never thought if they are not seen together means they are not close to each other. Publicly, the late king Hassan II wasn't seen with all his 5 children to receive guests. He was always with his two sons, sometimes with one of his daughters, and never with his sisters. This why I say it's too much to see 6 people receiving one or two guests. Maybe in other royal families it's different.
abir said:
Maybe. I never thought if they are not seen together means they are not close to each other. Publicly, the late king Hassan II wasn't seen with all his 5 children to receive guests. He was always with his two sons, sometimes with one of his daughters, and never with his sisters. This why I say it's too much to see 6 people receiving one or two guests. Maybe in other royal families it's different.
well yeah but King Hassan, when he went overseas, was often occompanied by one of his daughters. I have seen many pictures of his various visits to France, Spain, US where one of his daughters and one of his sons have accompanied him. Same thing with official visitors to Morocco, one of his daughters welcomed guests with him most of the time.
As for the late King's sisters, one reason why they were seen with him often was because the King had grown kids of his own.
And then again, they seem like a close family to me. But more significantly, I think that the sisters are obviously an important part of the family and the King obviously appreciates their contribution.
I think that at least at galas and dinners it makes sense for the sisters to be there. As for welcoming guests, all three of them rarely do that.
Besides, since Lalla Salma doesnt make as many public appearances, I suppose the sisters have to make up for it.
I will post some of the pictures I was talking about later.
a guess

the last time we saw lalla meryem and salma together, was in rabat festival months ago.
i guess we won't see them together often in future, since lalla meryem has many things to do and maybe doesn't wana walking behind her, she has all rights to do so, she is the daughter of a king and even salma is king wife but she didn't born princess, she is daughter of a teacher.
zineb said:
the last time we saw lalla meryem and salma together, was in rabat festival months ago.
i guess we won't see them together often in future, since lalla meryem has many things to do and maybe doesn't wana walking behind her, she has all rights to do so, she is the daughter of a king and even salma is king wife but she didn't born princess, she is daughter of a teacher.
Maybe your guess is right. Lalla Meryem has a lot of engagements in her country and it will have no sens if she keeps walking behind salma -who is not doing anything for her people- and in activities which may not interest her. Why she has to be at the second level and she the one who does a good job? I think Lalla Meryem prefers to be seen alone than being with salma.
abir said:
I think Lalla Meryem prefers to be seen alone than being with salma.
I like seeing Lalla Meryem alone or with her sisters, but not with Salma casue she has to stay behind her and that is not fair for Lalla Meryem.

S.A.R. la Princesse Lalla Meryem lance la campagne nationale de vaccination : Plus d'un million d'élèves seront vaccinés

H.R. the Princess Lalla Meryem launches the national country of vaccination: More of a million students will be vaccinated


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Lalla Meriem



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is that lalla soukaina next to lalla meryem?
I think it is but the caption only mentions Lalla Meriem.
thanks for the pic La la. :)

Now that dress is gorgeous. Lalla Meriem looks very young
I was just looking at the kaftan again and I think the reason why i like them so much are the belts --- they're very flattering and they suit Lalla Meriem especially well.
wouldn't she be finished wtih her studies by now? or is she in university?

and i think she will follow her mother's footsteps...she often attends summits and events with her mother...
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