Princess Isabella's First Day of Primary School: August 13, 2013

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Nov 20, 2010
The Royal House informs today that Isabella will begin to school on Tuesday, Aug. 13. Frederik and Mary will hold a photo opportunuty with their daughter in front of their home before they drive to school :flowers:

Privat til redaktionerne: H.K.H. Prinsesse Isabellas første skoledag - Kongehuset

The press release sounds:
Her Royal Highness Princess Isabella begins in 0 class at Tranegårdsskolen on Tuesday 13 August. In this context, there will be photo opportunity before they leave Frederik VIII's Palace, where the Crown Prince couple will come out along with their daughter at. 9.15.
With this photo opportunity is it hoped that princess Isabella's first day at school will flow queitly, private and with respect for the other children and their families.

Article from B.T.


And a little trip back memory lane to Christian's first day of school
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:previous:Cant wait. I bet Isabella will be just as excited for her first day of school like Christian :D
Like everyone else, excited!
I wonder if Isabella will also receive a gift from Greenland and their national costume, like Christian did.
Ohhh I'm looking forward to see Isabella on her first day at school! I loved Christian's, I'm sure I will love Isabella's too.
Aaahh! I remember being excited to go to school. While I was always a good student the thrill of discovery quickly faded LOL. I look forward to seeing Isabella's excitement on her first day of school.
Knowing Isabella is a character,I don't doubt she'll be excited. I also wonder if she will misbehave.
How old is she? What grade is her brother in?
Isabella is 6 years old.
Knowing Isabella is a character,I don't doubt she'll be excited. I also wonder if she will misbehave.
How old is she? What grade is her brother in?

He must be starting in second grade IIRC. - Eight years to go. Bella has ten years before she's released.
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Thank you for informing us Roskilde, I'm looking foward into seeing photos of Isabella's first day at school! I'm thinking the same as the other posters who said that Isabella will probably be excited about her first day. If I've remembered correctly, the press spoke to the Christian, Mary and Frederik when it was his first day. I hope they do the same with Isabella.
I wonder if Isabella will talk to the press like Christian did.

Anyone has videos of Christian speaking to the press on that day? I want to recall that, and I don't remenber his voice now.
Will she be attending the same school Christian attends?
I just love it when a journalist ask Christian if it will be his parents who will pick him up after school and Christian answers: "Yes.......... but probably most mom" :D :D And then all laugh.
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Thank you for the video! Ah it brings me memories. Can't wait to see Isabella's day.
Looking forward to this, It seems like yesterday when Christian first went to school.
I'm looking forward to see the photo of little princess 's first day of school!:ROFLMAO:
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It's today... :flowers: And only in a half hour from now... Look very much forward to see her!
First picture :flowers:

Prinsesse Isabellas første skoledag | Nyheder | DR

Isabella said that she already knows a few cute girls in the class and that her older brother Christian has told much about the school.

M+F added that Isabella is school ready and already can both numbers and letters.

Isabella, who had her own new school bag on her back - a blue one with pink edges, made ​​as usual little dance moves in front of photographers.
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Nice video! Love Isabella's clothes and it seems Mary went more classic this time, with Christian she went more casual.
Isabella's got a haircut right? It seems like it, it's a bit shorter.
Great video, Isabella is quite a character! Lovely to see the mixture between shyness & excitement to finally go to school, the front teeth are missing now, pretty soon Isabella will be a grown up young lady.
A video: Lige nu: Kongehusets charmetrold starter i skole | GO'

When asked what she looked forward to the most, she replied "To do homework". I have a feeling that will change quickly enough :ROFLMAO:

Thanks, Flowerbed for the video :flowers:
The other pics and clips are delightful too.

The sound is pretty poor, but fortunately we learn most of what was being said in the article.

There were however a couple of things not in the article:
Q: Can you write your own name? Isabella: "Yes".

Q: Shall Prince Christian help you with your homework? Isabella shook her head decidely: "No".

Isabella told the press: "I have a pencil house and cryons in the school bag".
Mary added that Isabella is very much ready to go to school.

Isabella told the reporters: "I know four of those in the class and they are sweet". (For the next couple of months all the 0 graders will go in the same class. Then they will be split into two classes depending on the composition of the children and on who go well together).

Other info: She can write her own name and she knows the letters and the numbers. Mary said that she writes well.

ADDED. A gallery and a video from BT: (The sound is better).

A nice 10 pic gallery from TV2 showing Bella being... Bella: GALLERI: Kongehusets krudtugle klar til første skoledag | GO'
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