Ingrid Alexandra's first day at school - August 19th 2010

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What an ordeal for the little girl! The first day of school is bad enough without the media's eye on you. Well, royalty (especially heirs to the throne) have to be trained to deal with this. Good luck to her!
Wow, I can't believe she's so grown up already. It seems like just yesterday, she was born. She's by far my favorite of all the little princesses, so I hope she has a great first day of school -- and on her mom's birthday, to boot!
What an ordeal for the little girl! The first day of school is bad enough

You seem to have made bad experiences. Most children are looking forward
to their first day at school, they actually can't wait and then feel like being
older and are quite proud. Of course that can already change within the
first years, but the beginning is mostly a positive event. I'm sure it will be
like that for Ingrid as well, her family will support that as well.:flowers:
I totally forgot she doesn't go to school and is about to start it not until this summer. She already looks so grown-up.
They start school early in Norway don't they.
It'll be lovely to see her on her first, and I imagine she will be incredible happy.
They've started school here where I live. A bus went by my mother's house on Tuesday and I thought, "Isn't it early for that?" but remembered that they've been slowly moving it to an earlier date. My first day of my senior year was on the 19th of August.

I remember my first days of various school were such exciting days and I imagine having to deal with press cameras wouldn't have phased me one bit, especially if I'd been dealing with them for some time.
In England we don't start school until around September time.
in my country (India) the school academic year is from june-april. and the usual age of starting school is 3.
I don't think the cameras would have bothered me either - at her age I was a major attention hog and would have loved to have been met by the press on my first day of school! :)
Aww, she must be so excited.

Here in Denmark we started school around last week / this week.
Lumutqueen - in Scotland the schools go back about the middle of August. So that seems about the same time as in Norway.
Wasn't it only yesterday we heard that Haakon and Mette-Marit had been blessed w/the birth of a healthy baby girl? Where on earth did the time go to?

I'm sure her parents, as well as the school, will be more than prepared to help Ingrid through her First Day of School *and* dealing w/the Press that will be there. After all, this is the future Queen of Norway's First Day of School, so of course there'll be press coverage of it. I just hope that after they get their pictures of her arriving, they then leave Ingrid alone for the rest of the day.
The press will be present during her whole first day, with photo opportunities outside when they arrive, during the welcome program, and when they leave, as well as inside the classroom.

I can’t imagine she will like all the attention from the press, but she is used to it by know, so I don’t think she will be that affected or bothered. Hopefully the press will treat her other school days as a private thing and leave her alone. She seems like a bright young girl and I hope school will be a great experience for her.

Nå begynner hun på skolen - kjendis - (Article in Norwegian about Princess Ingrid Aleaxandra's first day at school).

Translation of the article:

The program of the day will be as earlier years according to the headmistress. The older school children will sing the Jansløkka school song, there will be a speech by the headmistress, a few surprises and then all the new children will have their names read and will walk and greet their teacher.

The headmistress also says that the Princess will be treated as any other child. – There will probably be a lot press the first day, but we are collaborating with the palace to handle it. We wish that Princess Ingrid Alexandra and all the other first graders will have a fantastic day.
Along with peers from her day care centre the Princess has already visited the school, met the headmistress, some teachers and her “faddere” (Faddere – older school children who help the younger children their first year).

The Princess also already knows the school since her brother Marius has attended the same school, though he will start at a new school for older pupils the same day as Princess Ingrid Alexandra has her first school day.
Princess Alexandra ressembles a lot to the beauty of her dear mother.
Tommorow is the first day of school in the district where I live. Since Princess Alexandra has gone to day care and has been around other children her age, then this first day of school will not be as difficult. It is when you haven't been around a lot of kids that the first day of school could be difficult.
That video was unreal. I can't imagine being 6 and facing that crush of students and media on your first day of school. It's amazing that Ingrid Alexandra was as calm as she was. Anyway, I hope she had a great first day. She looked adorable. I also thought it was really sweet that her grandmother, and especially the King, were there with her on her first day.
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Indeed Little Ingrid Alexandra looks calm. One day she'll make a beautiful queen.
Ingrid becames more and more like her father. :flowers:
What lovely pictures - she looked so calm on her first day of school. Great to see the King taking her to school as well.
Thank for the video, Paty. Ingrid is really sweet. It's cute to see her happily waving when she sees her friend. :flowers:
The King looks really proud of Ingrid. It's really nice that he accompanied his granddaughter during her big day.
Ingrid Alexandra is a very shy girl. But so sweet.

Do you think she knows some pupils from the Day-Care-Center?
She looks so cute waving the other children! I don´t think she´s shy, it´s her first day at school, so I guess she´s nervous and maybe a bit afraid ;)
I love the King face, that´s a proud grandfather! Lovely to see him and MM´s mother there, it must be recomforting for Ingrid.
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