Princess Eugenie & Jack Brooksbank are expecting their second child in 2023

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Jun 17, 2021
United Kingdom
Eugenie is expecting her second child this summer
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Lovely news. Congratulations to Eugenie and Jack. A little brother or sister for August!
Such nice news to start the day with. Many congratulations to Eugenie, Jack, August, and family!
This is the first royal baby since Elizabeths death.

I wish them all the best for the pregnancy and a little Lizzy.
Lovely to hear some good news!
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A Buckingham Palace spokesperson is quoted :

Princess Eugenie and Mr Jack Brooksbank are pleased to announce they are expecting their second child this summer.

The family are delighted and August is very much looking forward to being a big brother.

** hellomagazine article ** dm article **

And grandmother Sarah shared a photo of August writing:

You will be sharing puddles, Augie ! Superb news, Granny heaven…. So deeply grateful.

** instagram post **
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I've been anticipating a pregnancy announcement from either Eugenie or Beatrice.
Congratulations to parents, grandparents and big brother!
Congratulations to Princess Eugenie and Jack!
The happiest days are when babies are born.
I've been anticipating a pregnancy announcement from either Eugenie or Beatrice.

Someone actually predicted baby news from one of them in the 2023 New Year's thread!
Congratulations to Eugenie and Jack. Now waiting for an announcement from
Beatrice. Wonderful news.
Someone actually predicted baby news from one of them in the 2023 New Year's thread!

I did. We'll see if I'm right that it's another boy...
-No appearances from Andrew or the Sussexes at the coronation. Lots of speculation about whether these were choices made by them or for them.
-The Sussexes will instead act as "royal commentators" or narrators for a Netflix special about the event.
-The coronation gives us at least one really fun tiara and jewels event leading to tiara appearances for Zara, Beatrice, Eugenie, Louise (her first!), and maybe even Sophie Windsor and Gabriella Kingston.
-A pregnancy announcement for James and Alizee Middleton in early spring with the baby arriving in October. A boy.
-A fourth and final pregnancy from Pippa and James Matthews becomes obvious later in the year, maybe October/November, with the baby coming in early 2024. Another boy.
-Lots of appearances from the Wales children during the coronation and again at child friendly events throughout the summer.
-Announcement of a second pregnancy for Eugenie and Jack very early in the year with the baby born in late spring. Another boy.
-Announcement of a second pregnancy for Beatrice and Edo in the fall with the baby born in early spring 2024. A boy.
-Engagement announced for Peter and Lindsay in the late summer or early fall. Possibly September. Likely a few strategic photos showing Lindsay being welcomed by Peter's family and cousins at a polo match or horse event.
-Edinburgh title is passed to the Wessexes just before the coronation with a public statement noting that it was the wish of the late Queen and DoE but that King Charles fully supports it and appreciates their contributions.
-Dating rumors for Lady Louise.
-Quiet engagement announcement for Autumn Phillips.
-More inclusion of Queen Camilla's children and grandchildren. Possibly a family friendly engagement including them along with the Wales family.
-Possibility that we see Lady Louise join the Princess of Wales at one or more early childhood events as she is eased into a handful of light engagements.
-Big PR push and focus on family unity and warmth. Sarah is back at Sandringham, cousins playing together at polo matches, possibly photos of Bea's kids playing with the Tindall and Wales kids, etc.
-Much of the drama surrounding the Sussexes becomes background noise and old news as the year unfolds until speculation and rumors later in the year about the state of their marriage.
-Possibility that Tim Laurence makes a few more public appearances with Princess Anne and begins to play a little larger role in the public side of things.
Nice! I didn’t know that thread even existed. Lol

I liked reading your predictions.

It's one of my favorite threads each year. I always watch for it around the first of December to get those predictions in for the next year.
Wonderful news! Congratulations to Princess Eugenie, Jack and August!
Well at least one of my predictions came true for the year :flowers:

Unfortunately an unposted one as well (don't write predictions on sad news). This is far happier events for a prediction.
IIRC someone predicted babies in Monaco this year as well....;)
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