Princely Family of Monaco: Current Events Part 8: January 2016 - April 2018

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On December 8 Prince Albert, Princess Stephanie and Louis attended a gala dinner to mark the end of the celebrations for the Bicentenary of the Carabiniers du Prince. The whole year had been filled with events celebrating the special anniversary: ** Pic **

What a relief not to see the mustache! ;) He is so much better looking without it!
Very nice. Love this time of year when we see all the photos of all the different events.

Charlene has really become so much more self-assured in the last year - great to see.
Looks like Princess Charlene was really enjoying herself at the Christmas Market and the Princely couple's interaction with the crowds was nice and relaxed.
There should be birthday pix ! I protest loudly !!!! LOL !
Cute pics of Jacque, love the shirt. Wish better of Gabrielle. The only picture she is in we see her back.

Hopefully get some birthday photos.
Melina, Please can you give us the ink to watch the video? Thank-you.
Here is the link

Le Direct - MC Channel - Chaines vidéos de Monaco

You could see the news of Monaco channel where there is the video of the visit to the telethon and the christmas market, The video is at the beginning

You could watvh the news at next 10 pm , after at 11 pm

You will also see the news to morrow on Monaco channel as replay

Elisabeth-Anne de Massy and Mélanie de Massy attended as well, you can see them on the photos in the article posted by melina premiere.

Here's another article scan.

And the Palace shared some more nice photos of the gala dinner to mark the end of the celebrations for the Bicentenary of the Carabiniers du Prince on December 8, see the previous page of this thread for more.

During the celebration it was announced that Princess Stephanie agreed to become Godmother/Patron of the Carabiniers du Prince.

** fb gallery: Bicentenaire de la Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince **
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until now, they were not present on the photos near the pruincely couple and the princely twins
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Here's another video that only shows the relevant part instead of the whole news:

Thanks for the video Iceflower,Baroness Elisabeth-Anne de Massy seems to have an active calendar as part of the extended Princely Family.
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So disappointed the twins were not there but I suppose there was a good reason. Charlene looks lovely and festive in her red cape.
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Well spotted, melina p. Little P Gabriella is so sweet. I'm sure the elderly appreciated her presence a lot.

It would be so nice if the Palace would release a longer video of the Christmas Party, as a memento for the kids who attended. Does anyone know how they decide who gets to attend?
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