Princely Family of Monaco: Current Events Part 7: April 2013 - December 2015

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Supported by Louis and Camille, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene handed out Christmas presents at the Princely Palace today, December 16.

I'm always looking forward to that Christmas event, so nice to see Louis and Camille! :)

** gettyimages/zimbio gallery: Christmas Gifts Distribution At Monaco Palace in Monte-Carlo **

Good to see that Staphanie's children are getting more amd more involved in the official activities of tje principality... It was about time!!! :whistling:
i like charlene´s new haircut and camille´s new hair colouring.
Good to see that Staphanie's children are getting more amd more involved in the official activities of tje principality... It was about time!!! :whistling:

I very much agree. Now that P Caroline's children seem to have moved on and are persuing personal interests it is nice to see the "second wave" move in. Andrea, Charlotte and Pierre have been playing their part for a number of years, and now the children of P Stephanie ( and I presume P Alexandra soon) take their turn. I wonder if Louis will take op a position in Monaco now that he has completed his studies.

Some nice pics of the couple, they seem happy and relaxed as always. I really like P Charlene's outfit.

Just wondering... Does anyone know how this annual party is put together? Who gets invited? Who provides the gifts?

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Charlene is stunning with her outfit, yes, it is nice that Camille and Louis are present to this event but I hope that next year, we will see Gabriella and Jacques at this event , this year, they are too Young to attend the fest of Christmas.

Camille looks like her aunt princess caroline when she wears glasses

Princess Charlene and Prince Albert of Monaco make children's Christmas wishes | Daily Mail Online

Photos published by the palace
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Nice pics. Camille looks more like Stephanie with the darker hair.
Thanks for the pictures!! Nice family gathering! Camille is turning to an absolute beauty! She resembles Grace Kelly so much, at least they have the same face bone structure!
Charlene always brings a positive vibe, i like watching her.
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It was a such a treat to see Louis and especially Camille again! I had predicted some time ago that they would be back to take on some engagements for the family! As for Camille's beauty: since I first see her at Prince Albert's wedding I knew she was the one that would resemble to the Kellys the most! I will repeat it over and over again: she will soon outdo he sister and cousin's beauty!
Thanks, melina p. Beautiful pictures. I think the twins will be involved in future.

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The fest of the Christmas fest et the palace is on this video of the news of Monaco, there are also the two other fests of Christmas where Albert gave gifts , to the babies at the nurserie of the red cross of Monaco and at the center of the Red Cross to the desaventaged people
I like the dress Charlene wore , it is a pity that we have no photos of these two other events

The fest begin at 1 38

JT Monaco Info du mercredi 16 décembre / Videos / Monaco Info : Le Replay / Chaines - MC Channel - Chaînes vidéos de Monaco
I love Camille's hair dark and with her glasses on, she does resemble Caroline! I like Charlene's outfit but I just don't think short hair suits her. Not a very flattering haircut for her.
Camille is a spitting image of her mother and her granddad Rainer :)

...and Albert looks exactly like Grace in her 50s
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