Prince William Current Events 20: May-January 2010

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Arms of HRH Prince William of Wales

Welcome to the Prince William current events thread part 22
commencing May 2009

Part 21, covering the period May 2008 to May 2009, can be found here

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quotes from the above link
Prince William surprised Mrs Masters, known as Katie, and fellow residents at the Grange Care Centre, Stanford in the Vale, when he dropped by, giving just five minutes notice.
Mrs Masters told the Prince that, of the five birthday cards she had received from Her Majesty, each one featured her wearing the same yellow outfit.
Prince William agreed it was high time his grandma changed her dress and said he would pass on Mrs Master’s comments as they enjoyed tea, scones and chocolate eclairs.
"He stayed for about 40 minutes talking to Katie about her past and history. It was fabulous.”
An invitation is in the post for a garden party at Buckingham Palace on July 7.
It would appear that William is embarking on a charm offensive. :)
Well, if you're going to try a charm offensive, I'd think grannies would be a logical starting point! :D ;)
As my husband once said, "No one ever criticizes you for visiting the elderly.":flowers::lol:

Now, when's the criticism of him going to start for missing his training?;)

Well, if you're going to try a charm offensive, I'd think grannies would be a logical starting point! :D ;)
This is part of his training and he seems to be doing well. He may impress me yet! :lol:

See, the charm offensive is already working!:D

Oh dear! :lol:

Come to think of it, though I'm not a granny, I am old enough to be one.
Now, when a 109-year-old lady says you need a new dress, you probably do (Her Majesty that is, not William!). Yoohoo, Angela Kelley?
Prince William apologizes

I saw this just a bit ago and had to post the link here. I found it very heartwarming.

Prince William Apologizes
Wait does the article say William is 28, isn't he 26 going on 27 next month?
The other night on TMZ (a gossip show in the U.S.) they were showing photos of the back of William's head and calling him "Friar Tuck", since he appears to be sporting a tonsure. And asking why he doesn't get hair plugs.

Poor Wills.
It's wonderful to hear stories like this, it's great to see that Charles is influencing his sons.

And so rare to see anything good the princes do being credited to the influence of their father.

Usually anything good they do is because of their mother's influence and anything bad to their father.

So it is nice to see that not only are they being influenced for good by their father but that the press is giving credit to Charles for that influence.
Good! I was hoping we'd see him there again this year along with the other royal knights.
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