Prince Gabriel - News & Pictures part 1; - May 2006

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today will be Gabriels first day at school !:flowers:
Hannelore said:
In Belgium kids start school the year they are or turn 3, so my guess is prince Gabriel will be starting his school career on September 1st, at the Sint-Jan Berchmanscollege, the Flemish school in Brussels his sister attends...

Your guess was right! Prince Gabriel went to school for the 1st time this morning. He was brought by his parents. He goes to the same school as his sister Elisabeth and cousins Luisa and Joachim.
Gabriel and Elizabeth are so cute. I like the outfit from Mathilde.
Elisabeth and Gabriel are soooo cute!:flowers:
I just saw them on the news: Gabriel didn't cry (at least not before he entered the school gate :)) and Mathilde said he'd been very excited all morning to go to school.
Having a big sister at the same school certainly helps to overcome the separation anxiety. Moreover Gabriel’s cousins Joachim (14), Luisa Maria (10) and even Laetitia Maria (3) are visiting the same school – so Gabriel is in good company!


And some other pics (Belga, profimedia)

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Lovely I can't wait to see the news tonight
They look terrific !
Gabriel and Elizabeth are so cuteeeee
I love this pictures !!!!!!!!
How sweet they are:clap:
Good luck Gabriel :graduate:
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They are really cute. This next generation of Royal children are going to be heart breakers. I can't wait to see all of them grow-up. Good Luck Gabriel!!
The photo are so beautiful!!!!!!!
The children are so cute!!!!!
I guess Gabriel wouldn't have had such a big separation anxiety in comparison of other children because he's used to be separated from his parents due to their compromises and besides she has Elisabeth by his side to protect him!:lol:
Both children are sooo gorgeous, Elisabeth looks like a mini-Mathilde and Gabriel looks exactly like his father did at that age!:wub:
what's all this? His birthday was nearly two weeks ago... Thanks for the pics everyone!
I guessed wrong :ermm: . Gabriel has a blue backpack, not a red one like Elisabeth :lol: . Thanks for the pictures! Both children are absolutely adorable. I'm glad Gabriel didn't freak out, maybe having his Big Sis with him helped a lot! :flowers: :wub:
Sorry, but doesn't their cousin princess Louise start her kindergarden today too?
Cathérine Bergeyck said:
short video of the arrival at school:

vrijdag 01/09, 13u, right at the start.

It nearly looks as though Gabriel and Elisabeth are wearing a uniform, but the school doesn't have one (very few schools do in Belgium).

Thanks for the video, they look so cute in that uniform and Elisabeth is taking the "big-sister" role very seriously!:lol:
It's not a uniform! I suppose Mathilde thought it was cute to dress them similar for this day?

You can also see a very cute video here:

Elisabeth will be in the 3rd year of kindergarten, Gabriel in the first year, together with his cousin Laetitia (daughter of Astrid). Don't know if they're in the same class...Gabriel's in Miss Iris' class :)

Louise (daughter of Laurent) also started school today, but in another school, it's not known which.
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