Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist: June 13, 2015

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Nov 5, 2005
The wedding of Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Ms Sofia Hellqvist will take place on June 13, 2015


This thread will be opened on the day of the wedding


this thread is dedicated to the wedding celebrations of Prince Carl Philip and his wife-to-be. We understand that people had and have doubts about the bride's suitability for her role and feel rather strongly about it. However this is NOT the right thread to discuss these doubts, there is already a thread for that here.

Posts that rehash the 'suitability' debate will be deleted from this thread. Please regard this message as a notification of any possible deletion. The same goes for repeated negativity and posts that serve an agenda.

We also like to remind you all that when a post is deemed offensive there is a 'report' button; please use it and do not get involved in another fight.

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I saw a post yesterday with the list of TV streams for the Wedding and now I cannot find it. Was it taken down ? I know the wedding starts soon...please provide link ASAP, I am desperate !
Have you looked in the SRF section? I saw the post just a couple days ago. I'm sure it's still up.

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At the lifestream of Expressen were just now the bridal couple to see. Were these picture from today or from the engagement day?
Very excited to see this wedding! Greetings to all of you from Anchorage, Alaska, where it is 5am!

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I will watch it in second row. My son is sitting on my knees.

It is his first royal wedding to follow.
Have you looked in the SRF section? I saw the post just a couple days ago. I'm sure it's still up.


I found it, thanks, I was getting so nervous. I knew I had seen it yesterday, and I was so excited about the wedding I couldn't see straight in front of me :bang:

Just saw a pic of Princess Tatiana of Greece...she looks wonderful! The dress is stunning!

Arrivals IDs

OK, Forum members, I need names for these people arriving on the red carpet. I recognize some of them but I'm drawing a blank here in Charleston. Help!:lol:
Is the live SVT link already up ? Thanks .
Sophie's dress is kinda blah....too bad.

Princess Christina is wearing the 6-button tiara
There's a pic on FB of a lady in a dark blue dress with lacy edges on the top and see thru sleeves...anyone know who she is?
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