Prince Carl Philip of Sweden and Sofia Hellqvist: June 13, 2015

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Never before seen pictures of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia’s wedding day.

"Sometimes every person comes to a decisive choice,a choice that determines one's future and is about who one is and above all who one wants to be. And often it takes courage. Courage not to choose the easy path just because it is easy, courage to stay on the hard road because it's right. "
Today we celebrate a five-year wedding anniversary"

Lovely pictures. The SRF are so good at releasing these pictures.
Seeing those photos the first thing that crosses my mind is I am thankful they modified that tiara. I am reminded why I called it the spearmint tiara. It was ugly both in shape and with those odd emeralds. Its much nicer in its new more headband style, with other stones.
I remember feeling so disappointed with the placing of her veil. It was barely visible.
I am of the opinion that a veil should either be visibly worn of left out at all.
Sofia's bridal bouquet consisted of two varieties of Austin roses, as well as Rosa Grenada, Ambrosia, Morten Korch, Stockholm and Belamy roses and the myrtle sprig. Sofia's bridal bouquet was tied by court florist Claes Carlsson.
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