Prince Asem bin Nayef, Princess Sana Asem & Family

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November 1, 2010 - New health clinic opens in an Amman neighborhood
Princess Sana Asem: Photo gallery
Princess Sarah bint Asem, second daughter of Prince Asem bin Nayef from his first marriage has a son Talal, born in December 2008.
She is married to Alejandro Garrido.
Does someone know the exact birthdate of Talal Garrido?
We don´t know, Petra never published an official announcement.
March 24, 2011

Princess Najla patronizes celebration on King's Birthday in Salt: Photo

Princess Salha bint Asem patronizes "The Wedding Show 2011:" Photo
Princess Salha bint Asem got married on April 2011 with.Jordanian Mohamad Hashim Haj-Hassan
She is beautiful, she is more beautiful than her sisters :) thank you salma for the pictures :)
princess salha is very very beautiful !!! any wedding pictures of her ??
She Looks Very Nice , Is That in Sheraton Hotel ? Thanx Burzg
She is indeed beautiful and she got a beautiful smile. :D
Hurray! What a happiness for Prince Asem!

Thanks for the link!
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Congratulations for Nejla Asem
i hope we listen a happy news about Noor
Congrats Nejla :) is there any pictures for the groom? any information about him too.
:flowers: Congratulations for princess Nejla,
wishing them all the happiness in the world.
Congratulations to Nejla!! Wish them all the best, too!!! :flowers:
How old is the groom, does anyone know?
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