Marriage of Prince Ghazi bin Mohammed & Miriam, Princess of Tarnovo: 3 September 2022

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But this concrete couple will not have this problem :flowers:

It doesn't mean the rule suddenly changes for them, though, just where it originates. I think if a Muslim woman past childbearing age wanted to marry a non-Muslim man, she would still face the exact same issue.
But the daughter of Aga Khan married a Christian man.
AFAIK, the Constitution of Jordan does not require converting even from a wife of the King.

That's true but the constitution stipulates that whoever assumes the throne (the heir apparent) must be a sane Muslim, born to Muslim parents and from a legitimate wife. Therefore, it was necessary for the king's wives to convert to Islam so that their children would not be deprived of their right to inherit the throne.
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...did they throw that in there just because of King Talal, or was that how he was deposed?

The constitution was approved and activated during his region. :ermm:
The Princess remains Christian,she was I assume raised Roman Catholic and converted to Eastern Orthodoxy in 1996 when she married Kardam, Prince of Turnovo.

It must be very rare that the brides of Princes do not convert to Islam upon marriage?

Miriam remained a Roman Catholic after her marriage; she converted to Orthodoxy after the 2008 accident.
What a boon to those interested in royal-royal marriages! ;)

What was the last time before this that two members of current or former royal families from two separate regions of the world married each other?
The closest would be Khalid Bin Bandar Al Saud of the Al Saud dynasty of Saudi Arabia and Lucy Caroline Cuthbert of Beaufront Castle (niece of the Duke of Northumberland).
Strange that there are still differences between man and woman in that regard.
Because the children would take the religion of the father that’s why. Plus if any woman wanted to marry a non-Christian man, he would have to convert to marry her. It’s easier for Muslim men to marry a non-Muslim woman because the expectation would that the children would be raised Muslim.
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