Prince Asem bin Nayef, Princess Sana Asem & Family

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A royal decree was issued today granting Sharifa Farah Bint Nasser Aluhaimaq, wife of Prince Nayef Bin Asem, the title of HRH Princess of Jordan.

Congratulations to princess Farah:flowers:
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I see, so they married a month and a half ago but apparently the brides are not automatically princesses but are created princess shortly after their wedding/marriage took place?

Just saw that there is a huge age gap between him and his 5 elder (half)sisters; between 10 and 22 1/2 years!

Princess Yasmine (born 30 June 1975)
Princess Sara (born 12 August 1978)
Princess Noor (born 6 October 1982)

Princess Salha (born 14 June 1987)
Princess Nejla (born 9 May 1988)

Prince Nayef (born 22 January 1998)
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A lovely photo of Prince Asem bin Nayef and his six greatest treasures took on the occasion of his 75th Birthday:

So now he has fourteen grandchildren (eight grandsons and six granddaughters), doesn't he?

Yasmine: two sons
Sarah: one son and one daughter
Noor: one daughter and two sons
Salha: one daughter and two sons
Nejla: three daughters
Nayef: one son (as for now)
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