Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 32: May 2018 -

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Prince Albert at the IAAF Diamond League meeting in Monaco on 11 July

Prince Albert also yesterday inaugurate the jeweler Chaumet's exhibition at the Grimaldi Forum

Today 12 July Prince Albert attendat the launch of MonaBike, the new self-service electric bikes in Monaco

Also today 12 July Prince Albert receive in the Palace the Royal couple of Serbia
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Would have been nice to see the Princess it must be over a couple of weeks since she was last seen?
Prince Albert attended a gala evening celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Grand Cordon d'Or of French Cuisine at the Monte-Carlo Sporting Club:

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **

This is a royal who never stops. I know most royals are hardworking but he really seems to pack a lot into his days.

Prince Albert attended the charity gala for the Akamasoa Humanitarian Association of Madagascar in Monaco on July 17:

** Pic **
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Prince Albert is on 3-Day visit to South Africa and yesterday 21 July in Johannesburg, attended the awards ceremony of the Rhino Conservation Awards Foundation.

Prince Albert visited the Expo Océan in the Great Gallery of Evolution of the Natural Museum of Natural History in Paris
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On July 29 Prince Albert attended the centenary celebration of the International Union of Geodesy and Geophysics at the UNESCO Headquarters in Paris. During the celebration he received an award for his "outstanding contributions to the promotion of research on climate change, water, biodiversity and oceanography":

** Pic **


On August 2 Prince Albert met with NATO Deputy Secretary-General Mircea Geoana at the Princely Palace in Monaco:

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Prince Albert will be present at the Modern Pentathlon World Championships in Budapest this week. He is the UIPM (pentathlon governing body) Honorary President and the UIPM headquarters are located in Monaco (at Stade de Louis II).
Prince Albert unveilled a brand new portrait of his mother, by Marcos Marin. The monument is part of the exhibition « L’Art Bre 2019 « at Cap Martin.

And today 3 September Prince Albert participates in the commemoration of the liberation of Monaco from 3 September 1945 on the palace square

Also Prince Albert went today to the port of Ventimiglia - Cala del Forte - to follow the progress of the work

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Here's a video of Prince Albert attending the commemoration of the liberation of Monaco:

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Prince Albert is in Kincsem Park, Budpaest for the Modern Pentathlon World Championships. Today is the men's final. He is watching the swimming event at the moment accompanied by Shiny Fang, UIPM Secretary General, dr Klaus Schormann, UIPM President and Joel Bouzou, 1987 World Champion, President of the World Olympians Association, UIPM Vice-president.


Two more photos of Prince Albert - as he was entering the VIP Lounge after the fencing bonus round.



One more photo - just before the award ceremony Prince Albert allowed a young photoreporter for a selfie! Thank You, Your Serene Highness!!!20190907_184836.jpg
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Awesome photos and video...thank you eya!😄
During the UIPM Gala Dinner held at the Modern Pentathlon World Championships Prince Albert has been introduced into the UIPM Hall of Fame.
And today he is again in Kincsem Park for the final day of the competition, the Mixed Relay event.

Prince Albert also took part in the celebration of Pierre de Coubertin Pentathlon Day. He awarded the Pierre de Coubertin medal to Aleksander Lesun, Rio 2016 Olympic Champion (received by Lesun's coach, Rustem Sabrikhuzin).





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This morning, September 11, Prince Albert received Monégasque racing driver Charles Leclerc and his family following his wins in Belgium and Italy:

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Video for this family meeting

More pictures for the opening of the season of the Yacht Show in Monte Carlo on 6 September

Prince Albert is in Romans-sur-Isère ,France this morning. A visit to reconnect with a former possession of his family, since the city of Romans as a good part of the Drome was delivered to the Monegasque family by the King of France Louis XIII in 1641
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After his visit to Romans-sur-Isère in the Drôme, Prince Albert traveled on 13 September to Valmont and Rouen as part of his regular trips to the territories historically linked to his family.

Prince Albert participated this morning in the presentation of the awards of the 16th Monaco underwater photography contest at the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco.

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Prince Albert attended the opening of the 51st session of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change in Monaco today, September 20:

** belga gallery **
Yesterday, September 20, Prince Albert attended a barbecue in Fontvieille given by the Monegasque Association of Olympic Athletes:

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Today, September 21, Albert participated in the World Clean Up Day in Monaco:

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:previous: I wonder, how they could find any trash. Monaco must be really a clean city.

But well done, Prince Albert!
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