Prince Albert II of Monaco Current Events - Part 29: August 2010 - March 2013

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Really? I felt the seating arrangements was quite normal, I've seen and experienced many similar arrangements.
Albert still has a prominent seat, the two rows of tables on the left and right are much longer, I think it's a nice,
democratic arrangement :)

I guess we do it differently in my work place. One person sits at the top of the table, another sits at the bottom and the rest sit on the right and left hand sides.

From a comfort point of view it just all looked very cramped to me.
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Together with Crown Prince Alexander and Crown Princess Katherine Prince Albert attended the semi
final match of the Monte Carlo Tennis Masters series Novak Djokovic of Serbia vs Tomas Berdych of
Czech Republic, April 21.

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Prince Albert has received Nassir Abdulaziz Al-Naser, President of the 66th session of the United
Nations General Assembly since 14 September 2011, at the Princely Palace in Monaco on April 26.

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My, he is busy and keeps on looking thinner and happier.
Local News | Riviera Radio
prince albert cycling from Saint Tropez to Monaco for the foundation of princess charlene with other residents on yhis sunday

it is a wonderfull support of Prince Albert for his wife's foundation.
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That what I call "going the extra mile" for the wife. ! :flowers:

Well done, Albert. !!!
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Prince Albert attended the Planet Solar Ship Return Ceremony on May 5, 2012 in Monaco. Next to him you can see Swiss
Raphael Domjan, founder and expedition leader. More than a year and a half after leaving Monaco, the Swiss catamaran
is thereby beginning the last 3’000 miles (5’400 km) out of the 30’000 miles on the itinerary of this first world voyage only
powered by solar energy.

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WOW! That's something. Congrats to Raphael Domjan.
Prince Albert is looking younger and trimmer. Good for him.

Prince Albert was presented with the solar-powered car SolarWorld Gran Turismo in Monaco on May 11.
The car left Australia last November, it travelled through New Zealand, then the United States and has
now arrived in Europe. The round-the-world trip in a solar-powered car is a project by a team of the
University of Bochum, Germany.

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Prince Albert attended the gala evening celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Cardio Thoracic
Centre at the Sporting Club Monaco on May 11.

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Prince Albert attended the official opening of the Cipriani restaurant in Monaco, owned by Flavio Briatore
and the Cipriani family, May 15, 2012.

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Albert looks great but Briatore :whistling::whistling::whistling:
So much money and no appropriate clothes in his closet.

Well, money is no guarantee for good taste :D

On May 14 Prince Albert received Osamu Motojima, the Director-General of the ITER Organization and five postdoctoral fellows
for a meeting at the Princely Palace. A partnership agreement for a period of ten years was signed, which provides funding for postdoctoral fellowships and an international scientific event, the Monaco ITER International Energy Days, which will next be
held in December 2013 in Monaco.

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On May 15 Prince Albert attended the lecture "Ecological Impact of Climate Change in Arctic Regions: How to Anticipate the Future exchange on biodiversity" in Monaco.

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Prince Albert together with Costa-Gavras, a Greek filmmaker, who lives and works in France, visited the Tim Burton
exposure at the Cinematheque Francaise and the Museum of the Cinematheque Francaise in Paris on May 17.

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Prince Albert has already been in Paris on May 16 (prior to the above mentioned event on May 17) and visited
the National Museum of the Legion of Honour and the Orders of Chivalry.

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I am surprised Albert is not in Quebec City for the IOC Meeting. They are narrowing down the contenders for the 2020 Olympic Games and it seems like he rarely misses these meetings. Apparently Madrid and Tokyo are amongst the favorites to continue on. Given the economic situation I am kind of surprised Madrid is bidding, but guess they assume they will be back in the black in 8 years.
I think he's in Monaco for the Grand Prix events which are a very glorious events. Not belittling the IOC meeting but I'd rather be in Monaco now.
I think he's in Monaco for the Grand Prix events which are a very glorious events. Not belittling the IOC meeting but I'd rather be in Monaco now.

If ever you come here brings a shield for the ears, nothing seems ... what he is !

Briatore have the right to use what he whants !!!!! Guarantee for a good taste, is to have a honest mind !!!! And not just words in vain ... ... :bang:
It`s my first post here, so... Hello, Everybody!
About the meeting in the Quebec City - it`s "only" the Executive Board meeting and Prince Albert is not part of it.

Welcome, Vojthas and thanks a lot for the information! :flowers:
Prince Albert and Briatore's wife look nice, Briatore is just a hot mess.
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