Pavlos and Marie-Chantal and Family current events 8: May 2016 - December 2021

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Nikolopoulus, you were right. They are on Spetses with a group of friends. they are not in the king´s home in Porto Heli.
Nice photo of the brothers.
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This year there is no meeting with the grandparents and no photography. They have left Spetses, Maria Olympia has been sharing photos in the instagram stories section and they are at the Athens airport, and believe me this is the Athens airport, I know this site. They leave Greece. This is disappointing 8 o 7 days in Greece:sad::sad::sad: .
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Hopefully we'll get a photo of them with the king and queen.
Princess Marie-Chantal's message about the fires in Greece.
The forest of Tatoi north of Athens is burning. 10 percent of the forest is said to have burned yesterday. My husband’s family graves are there and his Grandparents graves as well. We are all so terribly upset and praying for everyone affected by these tragic fires. Our heartfelt thanks to our amazing firefighters tirelessly fighting to save what they can. These forests are the oxygen of our land and we must protect and love them. Greece is in my heart always.
Has the Crown Prince made any statements on the terrible situation in Greece and elsewhere?
The family attended the celebration for Doris Brynner‘s 90th birthday at "Le Cheval Blanc Paris" restaurant in Paris yesterday, September 16:

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Is the bride a daughter of MC's eldest sister?
Is the bride a daughter of MC's eldest sister?

She is not the daughter of Christopher Getty and Pia, she is the daughter of his late cousin John Gilbert Getty.
Always best to start with the tree topper ;).
If the Christmas card of the Family of Prince Pavlos is a photo of his family at the wedding of Prince Philippos, then the Christmas card of the Greek Royal Family is the family photo of the wedding of Prince Philippos. I would like can to see this photo
Its a really lovely photo of the Crown Princely Family on this years Christmas Card.
Aristidis looks a bit like Alexia's son Carlos in this picture. He seems to be the only child who resembles his father's side of the family at all.
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