Pavlos and Marie-Chantal and Family current events 7: November 2010 - May 2016

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Pavlos and Marie-Chantal attended a party hosted by Lady Elizabeth Anson to
celebrate the 50th Anniversary of her business Party Planners at St James
Palace, London, March 24, 2011.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 **
@Sita Princess Marie-Chantal, Queen Ingrid and Princess Marina, Duchess of Kent wear/wore their ermines with incomparable style. ;) You said it better than anyone, the Princess looked marvellous! What a great contrast, when you look at her elegant pictures, and then you switch the thread and see her pretentious sister-in-law! To my discontent, I would describe it as a strong cultural shock! :ohmy: No wonder, the Princess was born upper-class and had an excellent upbringing. I have always been satisfied with this love match, they are truly blessed! :)
Beautiful as always!!
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Prince William has invited to the wedding to Prince Constatine, the son of Princes Pavlo and Marie chantal
The son of Prince Paul will be one of the children who accompany in the procession to the Bride
I believe it has become quite clear by now that Constantine-Alexios will accompany his parents as a guest and will attend the religious ceremony along with the rest of the royal guests. Smaller children were chosen as flower girls and page boys.
Marie-Chantal looked elegant as expected. She's wearing one of the most beautiful headpieces today at the ceremony.
MC was very elegant and her hat was among the most well-worn.
Wow! How can she walk in those heels?! I really liked the color of the dress she wore to the wedding. She also looked very nice at the dinner gala the previous night. P Constantine looks so grownup. He's lost that little boy look and looks more like a teenager. Does anyone know if they are among those attending the dinner Prince Charles is having tonight? I assume they were among those asked back to Buckingham Palace.
I was delighted to see Pavlos, Marie Chantal and young Constantino Alexios at the wedding. Also lovely to see King Constantine and Queen Anne Marie.
Yesterday night MC looked absolutely stunning also, Tatiana´s dress was very beautiful.
Can anyone ID the designer of her pre wedding and wedding outfits?
Pavlos and Marie-Chantal gave a party after the official reception of the british royal wedding. Crown princess Victoria and prince Daniel left their hotel right after seven o´clock to the home of Pavlos and Marie-Chantal.
Among the guests were also king Constantine and queen Anne-Marie, prince Nikolaos and princess Tatiana, prince Alexander of Serbia with his wife Katherine and Lady Helen Windsor with her husband.
After the party, the guests got a gift, one tea cup or mug as a souvenir from the alternative wedding party.
Victoria and Daniel left just after midnight. They attended king Carl Gustaf´s 65-year-birthday celebrations at 12.00 o´clock.
Photos of Victoria, Daniel and Pavlos + prince Alexander and Katherine
Victoria gick på miljardärsparty | Brittiska bröllopet | Nyheter | Aftonbladet
More photos:
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Wow! So Pavlos, MC, and Constantine were not invited to the evening reception?
:previous: Me neither. I don't have access to Isopix since the wedding. :sad: Could someone post all the pictures of MC & Pavlos and of the guests of course? Thanks in advance!! :flowers:
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Marie Chantal as ever very elegant. Not only on the reception the day before, but also on the wedding day.
Thank you for ID ing the wedding day outfit. What about the beige evening dress the night before, I love that one even more!
Wow! So Pavlos, MC, and Constantine were not invited to the evening reception?

Are you referring to the evening party at Buckingham Palace hosted by Prince Charles, or to the one hosted by Pippa Middleton?

The one hosted by Pippa is the one that lasted till nearly dawn, and it was ONLY for the young crowd of William and Kate's intimate friends.

So none of the older Royals would have been at that one.
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