Pavlos and Marie-Chantal and Family current events 7: November 2010 - May 2016

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Sita is absolutely right - the lady pictured with Marie Chantal is Doris Brynner,
the widow of actor Yul Brynner!
Great pic, no black outfit at last !!! It suits her so well, I love this grey suit with red/black nail polish and a champagne top. And seing MC at a Fashion Show again is great, I hope we will see more joyful outfits in the future.
I think the lady is Doris Brynner, please correct me if wrong.
Olili, I saw a brochure also some months ago about the Sussex house, but was it not an old sale, before MC bought the farm ?

I saw the brochure and you can see MC portraits and more things. I understand that this house is on the sale. I send to you the information. Perhaps, my english is not as good as yours because I´m spanish.
Thank you Olili, the farm is for sale indeed. I wonder if the family will buy something elsewhere, otherwise what will they do with the horse, the Afghans and the vintage FordT we saw in the Spanish Vanity Fair last year ? anyway it was a delight to see pictures of the family in such a property.
I would not be surprised if they bought a house in Los Angeles afterwards : the family spends a lot of time there apparently, and I think their way of life seems to be very american, I mean modern, business oriented etc (I'm not American, sorry if I offend, it is by no means my intention). Or in Greece maybe ?
How old is Marie-Chantal now? She looks very good in the photo. She seems to be one of the women who get more beautiful the older they get.
She has 43 years old. She is young, is mother of 5 children.
if they sell the farm, I interpret that they will plan to change their country of residence to the U.S., when they left from USA to London, they sold the Connecticut Farm
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Don't they still have their London mansion? I thought that was their primary residence. I also thought I read they had a place in Paris, or maybe that was M/M Miller's apt. and Pavlos and MC were visiting.
Marie Chantal looks super in all those photos with her Mother. She is 43 but she is very well - lovely face and figure. And five children!!!!!
43? I see. Beautiful women like her get even more beautiful in their fourties. ;-)
MCs Birthdate is 17th Sept 1968 according to the GRF website. So she's only 42 if I count well. The last photos are touching I feel, because Pss MC looks so natural and so much like a mature happy mother, just having a good time with her Mum like in the old days. The Chanel photo is nice too, what are these earrings, I saw them in a Point de Vue magazine, but I can't remember what they were. Nice to see MC with some color on her nails and ears, even this grey outfit looks joyful after all this black we've seen (by the way, look how cold we are in Paris at the moment, fur and wool everywhere...).

Maybe I've found those leaf earrings :
Tendance - Les boucles d'oreilles Granium du joaillier JAR
and I think that MC's ring is a James de Givenchy.
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Did any of the Danish Royals attend ?

No member of the Danish royal family is mentioned in the article and as
none of them is included in the picture gallery, I guess no :flowers:
I thought maybe MC got back to fashions shows in order to choose a little dreamy thing for William&Catherine's Wedding next does it sound ? :cool: Lovely pics ahead !
I do hope not, something none dream like would suffice.
Oh yes, but MC choosing any dress from the Dior collection would be my dream... (although the Chanel one is nearer MCs usual tastes).
You just had a brilliant idea, sita! What else would look better on the Princess other than a unique creation from a French atelier? All the guests at the wedding should wear dreamy gowns and not just the bride, the notion that the bride must shine above all is related to the lower masses, whose ideas and attitudes often displease me. May I also add how delighted I am to see Ms Chantal Miller? We didn't see her and her husband at Nikolaos' wedding last August, to our disappointment.
what do you suggest with it???? They were in the wedding. In one wedding it is obvious that the core of attention is the bride and dress, after the guests. Princess Marie Chantal was very elegant in Tatina´s wedding.
I don't think I suggested anything. I wish to see Marie-Chantal at Prince William's wedding as elegant as always, I agreed with sita's idea. And I'm more than certain that Mr. Robert Miller and his wife, Chantal Miller, did not attend Nikolaos and Tatiana's wedding. Am I clear or shall I elaborate?
I think there is a misunderstanding. La noblesse said Mrs Chantal Miller was not present at Nikolaos' Wedding, not her daughter Marie-Chantal, who was present of course, and whose outfit was, by the way, a delight to many posters here (faded pink Valentino dress with flowered crystal embroidered shawl)...
A misunderstanding, Voila! :lol: Thank you for explaining this, sita.

Crown Prince Pavlos attended day 4 'Gold Cup Day' of the Cheltenham Festival
at Cheltenham Racecourse on March 18, 2011 in Cheltenham, England.

** Pic ** gettyimages **
Were he my husband, I am not sure if I would let him attend these events alone. :lol: Alluring as he is and with this smile and très très chic suit, my only comment should be: Marie-Chantal beware, my dear! ;)
thank by picture!!he is a gentleman. The Prince Pavlo is very handsome and elegant in this picture.
thanks by pictures, Getty images only had Prince Pavlo. I have a question: People who attend these events often have investments in horses, as shareholders of stables or owners of stables or horses . Have they investments in a stable of horses or on a particular horse?
Marvellous, I always love pictures where MC doesn't wear black, and this outfit suits her wonderfully (she loves fur and I think it suits her). If someone can post larger photos it will be wonderful. I love the last one with MC doing a funny face with her sunglasses (if I see well), and Pavlos laughing at her. Can you believe that after 15 years of marriage ? What a beautiful inspiring couple ! :wub:
Thanks for the photos, i agree with you sita they seem to enjoy each others company and are still in love after so many years!!I think that Prince Pavlos managed to have a family like his parental one:flowers:
thanks by pictures, Getty images only had Prince Pavlo. I have a question: People who attend these events often have investments in horses, as shareholders of stables or owners of stables or horses . Have they investments in a stable of horses or on a particular horse?

Maybe they're looking to by a horse for Maria-Olympia? Perhaps she's taking up riding?
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