Pavlos and Marie-Chantal and Family current events 7: November 2010 - May 2016

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The first photo is something I'd expect from a normal couple/family. They renewed their vows in an Elvis wedding chapel on the Las Vegas Strip and the kids could be there to witness it. Sounds like a fun family vacation. But when you throw in the fact that they are royalty, and a Crown Prince at that, it just becomes............tacky? Shocking? Insulting? It makes it seem like they did it because it's something to do in Vegas, like a ride a Disney World or something.

Hm... they may be a crown princely couple, but I'm sure that they know there's a 0,1 % chance that they will ever "reign" or go back to Greece. As a card, sent to friends and family only, I find the picture okay. Just fun. :p
I like it, it's fun, it is different in the second picture the Prince Constantine took the photo, he has the camera.
Okey, he is Prince constantine, I like him, he is more handsome.Merry Christmas!!!!!!!
Do they go to live to California??They will leave London and go back to California????
No but they often spend holidays there because Alexandra von F lives there. I think Prince Aristidis Stavros was born there actually, 2 Summers ago.
And by the way, does anybody think the family celebrates Christmas now, as it is Orthodox Christmas just now ?
I think Prince Paul and Marie Chantal live part of the year in California and other part in London. I remember when they opened U.S. stores, it was about April 2009, they were living in California, I read it.
and children going to school, what happens there?
The children go to school in London, I think it is Knightsbridge school which is the former Hellenic School (see photo which P Constantine first row left) Knightsbridge - Uniform. This was said in the Greek Life&Style article last January with the London house adorned for Christmas.

As far as I remember, when the Beverly Hills shop opened only Odysseas and little Aristidis were there, as the older ones were probably in London.

The family spent a lot of time in California in Summer 2008 when Aristidis was born. They said it was to see the family and prepair the opening of the shop. So allegedly Aristidis was born in California only incidentally. Which I never believed : do not forget MC gave birth to her 3 first babies in New York, and it went all right. For Odysseas, in London, she nearly died. So no surprise they found a way to organise the 5th birth in the US (Cedars sinaï hospital in California). And to be elegant towards their new country the UK (whose royals are relatives by the way), they never explained things that way.
Marie Chantal almost died when she gave birth to Odysseas. She escaped by the grace of God. And I think the child was not well also. There was a big space between Odysseas and Aristideis and I don´t blame them for having chosen to have the baby in the |US. But also admire the tact with which they handled the subject towards the country where they live and obviously love as well.
I did read that MC had a difficult delivery and she did talk about it to one of the magazines at the time and that she had actually decided that their son would be born in the states.
Thanks for the photo, Ice. P Pavlos looks as handsome as ever, but quite thin.
According to the paper edition of BB, Marie Chantal unfortunately was down with the flu.
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thanks!!!! The Prince pavlo is very handsome!!!!!!!!!!
Great photos! It's too bad that Marie-Chantal wasn't able to attend with Pavlos.
It´s the first time that you notice IMO that Pavlos is aging slowly.;)
Is ageing beautifully you mean Stefanie ? ;)
The happy couple is ageing very well IMO, I just wish MC would quit this black "Greek widow" look. I just had a look at pictures from 2004 and before again, and her softly coloured clothes were so lovely...
Prince Pavlos and Marie Chantal are such a hndsome couple! And I agree with Sita that both are ageing gracefully. Prince Pavlos and my oldest son share the same birthdate but I don´t know if it´s the same year. My son´s is 20th May 1968.
Thanks, Sternchen. I had a feeling he was a year older, but not sure.
I do not understand why is saying that Prince Paul is old, he is well, I see him very handsome, I do not see him so changed except the hair.
The farm in Sussex is on sale. I saw a brochure through the Net.

Finally also a new pic of Marie-Chantal! She attended the Christian Dior show
as part of the Paris Haute Couture Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2011 at the
Musee Rodin on January 24, 2011 in Paris, France

** Pic **
Is The lady near Princess Marie Chantal her mother?
Great pic, no black outfit at last !!! It suits her so well, I love this grey suit with red/black nail polish and a champagne top. And seing MC at a Fashion Show again is great, I hope we will see more joyful outfits in the future.
I think the lady is Doris Brynner, please correct me if wrong.
Olili, I saw a brochure also some months ago about the Sussex house, but was it not an old sale, before MC bought the farm ?
This fashion show was of Dior and in it was too the former husband of the Infanta Elena of Spain, Jaime Marichalar. It is obvious that the photo´s woman is not the Mc´s mother
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