Madrasati: Queen Rania's school renovation initiative

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I agree with u veram89 .. I like the dress .. very simple and Chic:)

well I am not going to go through this again ; as you like it simple chic that suits Arab Muslim Modern women :) talking about Jerusalem , Islam and and our Arab Identity:flowers:
She is the Queen of Jordan not Palestine dear ..This initiative is to improve the educational environment and i think the students are in need to hope, not sadness IMO. also all the women who attended the event wore colored dresses with full makeup.. they were very elegant .. u can see the video.
I really appreciate this great initiative and hope it will succeed and achieve its objectives. also hope to see Queen Rania visiting Jerusalem schools.
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i do not mind about the intititive if you understand my point Jerusalem is holy place we all should respect ( even in our dress ) , yes the audience were elegant with full make up but not seen a woman dressing sleeveless even Majeda the singer and wives of ambassadors :) sorry reeeda but I don not have to comment how nice and marvelous her dress is every time and for every single piece she wears ; that is the last thing I look for in royals , they are not celebrities they are role models for their people , local society and environment they live in .
Sorry Xavi, but it was you who was commenting just the dress and not the initiative - and she was not talking about Islam, but schools.
I think that is what Xavi's point was that although the dress is beautiful and Queen Rania looked good in it, perhaps sleeveless wasn't a great choice for the place/event as the other ladies stayed quite covered up but in a glamorous way. That dress would be lovely in the USA or Britain or the West. Also it is impossible to separate Islam from education in the Arab world as it is a core subject in every school unless you get sent to a private school which is more secular in outlook.
I would share your opinion if the event would have taken place at the compound of the al Aqsa Mosque or the Dome of the Rock, but it did not. Some may identify Arab identity with long sleeves or Hijab (that's fine), but others do not.
Can we get back on topic, this is not a fashion thread nor a thread to talk about whether the outfit was appropriate or not, such threads can be found in the fashion forum. further posts will be deleted.

and here is another article from Jordan Times.
Its nice seeing Rania visiting other areas and following up on developments outside of Amman.
Thanks for the information.

Rania must be so proud that Madrasati is doing so well and to extend it to Palestine is such an achievement. Alot of peole talk the talk where Palestine is concerned but few are actually doing something pro-active like Rania. Congratulations to Her Majesty in this endeavour.

Her Majesty Queen Rania on Wednesday went on a surprise visit to inspect 3 public schools in Amman.

Queen Rania pays surprise visits to 3 public schools
Queen Rania Honors "Healthy Schools"
Amman, October 19 (Petra) -- Her Majesty Queen Rania AL Abdullah on Tuesday honored several schools that have achieved a "healthy school" rating under the Healthy Schools Accreditation Program designed by the Royal Health Awareness Society (RHAS). Her Majesty gave out certificates to the 49 honored schools, at a special ceremony held at the Madaba Secondary School for Girls.
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Oct 26- petra
Queen Rania visits two Madrasati schools

I saw the Promo last day on TV ( on the mbc 4) I think it's fantastic I loove it.
the Madrassati initiative is a great idea I wishe that Rania focus more on this project.
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