King Abdullah II & Queen Rania's visit to the United States & Peru: September 2012

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I hope the word nasty is not for us the Jordanian people whom are facing all types of difficulties to help to maintain our land despite all corruption caused by everyone who thinks is bigger than this country ! Jordanians are the one who sacrifice and pay taxes for Rania to dress and be a prominent figure . She owes to us and we do not owe her anything .

Of course I don't mean that every jordanian is a nasty enemy of QR. But she doesn't like to be so so bad. I am not a fan of monarchy either but QR has a very different profile I think, she is like the first ladies of other countries which don't have monarchy but they have their first lady whose dresses and style have some effect in the whole image of a country fortunately or unfortunately. So you pay taxes and dress QR but she represent you in other countries with great success. I suppose in every country people pay to dress their first lady and corruption is a worldwide phenomenon not only jordanian. I don't live in Jordan and I don't know the situation but I know that Rania at least represent your country with dignity and plays an important role at your country's image and image is very crucial in our days either we like it or not. Always I speak with respect to people's problems and sacrifices.
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The extended interview with King Abadullah II is available directly from The Daily Show, in two parts:

King Abdullah II of Jordan Pt. 1 - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 09/25/12 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

King Abdullah II of Jordan Pt. 2 - The Daily Show with Jon Stewart - 09/25/12 - Video Clip | Comedy Central

It's nearly 11 minutes in length. I have to say that it appears to me that the King has aged beyond his years due to recent events, and that I admire his dedication to his people.
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