Madrasati: Queen Rania's school renovation initiative

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Queen Rania visits two schools in Zarqa

...The Queen's visit aimed at looking into achievements realized, after the conclusion of the first phase of maintenance in these schools... - Article

School visit 1

Pic 1 -- Pic 2

School visit 2

Pic 1 -- Pic 2 -- Pic 3
Pic 4 -- Pic 5
Are these old pictures? She has worn exact the same outfit, when she had visit a school, but I don't remeber when it was.

Yes they are old. Sorry my mistake, they are dated from spet 2 but posted with the new pictures as her visit to the school. weird
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Amman: As part of their commitment to Her Majesty Queen Rania Al Abdullah's Madrasati initiative, PharmacyOne organized an open day for the students of Um Al Qura Mixed Elementary School in Qwiesmeh, Sunday September 14th , where they were joined by the Queen..
PharmacyOne Organizes an Open Day for Um Al Qura elementary school in Qwiesmeh

On the heels of an agreement signed between Umniah and Madrasati, Umniah donated a sum of JD 250,000 to the project. This donation was made based upon the Company's belief in such educational initiatives which give Jordanian institutions and companies approaches to be active in the national efforts to upgrade education. Madrasati as a project that presents opportunities for companies to be part of efforts made to address new challenges faced by Jordanians
Umniah signs agreement with Madrasati | Umniah
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I'm really touched by her interest in education.This is the basic step for a better world.Well done!!
Finally the queen is back,nice to see her again,i too did't like her outfit.
yes finally, she must not disappear for that long time :)

I agree about the fit.
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Once again,it's really nice to see how much she cares about educational issues!!I liked her jacket and hair/ponytail a lot!Both very stylish :flowers:
That the Queen was away on a private holiday with the King about a week or so ago.
Thank´s Dazzling :flowers:Guido I want say this. She was in London during a few days. All years in January she has a little holidays.
It is admirable, how hard work programme these dear Queens have to absolve every day.
They renovated 500 public schools? :ohmy: Wow,I never thought the Madrasati project was such a difficult task.Congratulations :flowers:
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