Queen Máxima, Current Events Part 1 (May 2013 - October 2017)

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Here are some extra photos,nice to see Her Majesty back.

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Queen Maxima visit today the chelter Batholomeus Gasthuis in Uthrecht for the 650th Anniversary



and a Present for her


and later visit the neighborhoods foundation in Amerongen. The foundation supports overloaded families by linking families with support parents in the neighborhood


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Here are more photos of the opening:

** ppe gallery ** robinutrecht.photoshelter gallery **

** gettyimages: NLD: Queen Maxima Of The Nederlands Opens The New Asian Library Of The University Leiden **

** dailymail: Queen Maxima is chic in black and white as she opens a new Asian Library at Leiden University in the Netherlands **

Later today Queen Máxima as Patron also paid a visit to the Institute of Linguistics and Anthropology in Leiden:

** anp gallery **

And this evening Máxima attended the Opening Night of the Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra in Amsterdam:

** belga gallery ** robinutrecht.photoshelter gallery ** ppe gallery **

** gettyimages gallery: NLD: Queen Maxima Attend The Opening Of The New Season Of The Royal Concertgebouw Orchestra In Amsterdam **
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HM Queen Máxima will represent The Netherlands at the cremation ceremony of the late King Bhumibol Adlyadey of Thailand on October 26th.
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