Queen Máxima, Current Events Part 1 (May 2013 - October 2017)

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Welcome to the 1st thread for Queen Máxima of The Netherlands' current events.

The previous thread of Crown princess Máxima's CE can be found here.
Please post current news and pictures of Queen Máxima in this thread.

While doing so, please remember to follow the TRF posting guidelines and the copyright rules TRF Posting Rules & Guidelines
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What is the MILF award?
I'll have to agree with Lucien, not really worth mentioning. Very vulgar if you ask me.
Thanks for the clarification....I think.
On the basis that it is not technically a current event, let us hope that Queen Maxima is on an official engagement quite soon.
Are they serious? Really? And yes , thanks for the clarification..... moving on....
It stands for "mother I'd love to (insert f word)".
What vile slobs would even think of such a morally evil "award" much less making it public. Seems that there is scum all over the world!
And she dressed in pink for the occassion it seems. The event was held in the Hall of Knights.
And she dressed in pink for the occassion it seems. The event was held in the Hall of Knights.

I immediately thought of Madonna's outfit in the old Holiday video. :flowers:
I thought she looked maxima-listic ;-)
The pink outfit was ok for this event,the colour did really look like a Madonna outfit (Hung Up and Material girl-videos come to my mind!). It´s great that Queen Maxima supports an event that helps to give more acceptance for LGBT-people, great to see her in such a happy mood supporting a good cause!
Today, Queen Maxima visited the Erasmus MC - Sophia children's hospital in Rotterdam on the occasion of the 150th anniversary, May 22, 2013.
The Queen revealed the statue of the mascot Sophietje and received the first copy of the jubileebook Sophia cooks, with recipes and stories of patients and employees.
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How many times a day does Maxima change her clothes?
How many times a day does Maxima change her clothes?
In that regard the royals including Queen Maxima is just like the rest of us. We change clothes as is necessary for the activities we are involved in.
Queen Maxima at the opening of the Fioretticollege in Hillegom. May 29, 2013

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Maxxx is looking great, since she is Queen, she really makes everything allright.
Bye Bine
07-06-2013 Houten Arrival of Queen Maxima at the 10th anniversary of the Thomashuizen in Houten.
Thomashuizen, an initiative of Hans van Putten, is a housing for adults with a intellectual limitation which are led by 2 care providers who live in the house and 8 residents.

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Queen Máxima attended the Startup-Bootcamp Demo Day and Investor Demo Day in Amsterdam today, June 28, 2013.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 **

** ppe gallery ** anp gallery ** refdag.nl gallery: Koningin Máxima bij Startupbootcamp Demo Day **

And later today Máxima visited the RoboCup 2013, the world championship for intelligent robots, in Eindhoven.

** ppe gallery ** anp gallery **

** dpp gallery: Queen Maxima visits Robocup 2013 ** gettyimages gallery **

** pp gallery: Maxima des Pays-Bas : Sublime et royale pour une rencontre insolite **

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