Louis, Pauline and Camille Current Events Part 5: June 2007 - December 2016

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I agree that it is great to see the children of P Stephanie now also involved in events in Monaco. I'm sure Louis particularly enjoyed this event, since Sport was his field of study. And he seems to be a sharp dresser too...

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It's indeed wonderful to see!

Another sports event: Louis attended the presentation of the World Sports Legends Award in Monaco yesterday, October 26:

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Louis can appear as a quite well-dressed gentilhomme. The best male dresser of the wider princely family, I think.
Does Louis now live and work in Monaco since he has completed his studies? He seems to be there quite a lot. And I can see him being a great support to P Albert in helping out with some of his duties. I do admire P Albert for involving his nephews and nieces in the events in Monaco. They are after all also members of the Royal family, even if they are not styled as such.

I think by involving the younger generation P Albert will succeed in keeping the extended Royal family"alive" and also give those members a sense of pride and belonging to Monaco. So in the next few years we can expect to see Camille and P Alexandra more often at events too now that the Casiraghis seem to have moved on a little and are focusing on their personal lives and families more.

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