King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, Current Events, Part 1 (July 2013 - Sept. 2017)

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King Philippe is in Davos as well, I've therefore moved your post. They'll take part in the World Economic Forum until January 23.

Here are some more pics from today:

** belga gallery ** facetoface **
Here are some more pics from yesterday, January 21:

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Today King Philippe and Queen Mathilde attended the seminar "The China Context".

** Pic **

King Philippe held talks with US Economist Joseph Eugene Stiglitz and was pictured with Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo:

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Good news. :) The press mentioned that K Philippe made use of his time in Davos to prepare the incoming state visit from China. No specific date was given but its definitely something to look forward too, it was about time.

King Philippe and Queen Mathilde visited "Medialaan" (VTM, 2BE, JIM, Vitaya, vtmKzoom, Q-music, JOE fm) in Vilvoorde, on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the company and the change of name into Medialaan today, February 25, 2014.

** Pic 1 ** Pic 2 ** Pic 3 ** Pic 4 ** Pic 5 **

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** dpp gallery: Belgian King and Queen visit Media company **

** gettyimages gallery ** video: Le roi et la reine visitent Medialaan **

** gallery: Koning Filip en koningin Mathilde bezoeken Medialaan **

** FOTOSPECIAL | Koning Filip en Koningin Mathilde bezoeken MEDIALAAN **
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Thanks! one question, Kathy Pauwels left Royalty? someone else is anchoring, right?
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Thanks for the photos!
The family looks lovely. Verbier is quite a winter wonderland.
The King signing Child Euthanasia Law...a real shame. How can he declares himself Catholic and accept such a Law?
The King signing Child Euthanasia Law...a real shame. How can he declares himself Catholic and accept such a Law?

What could he do?

I don't judge him, it is really a delicate and difficult matter to deal with.

He didn't oblige everybody to accept euthanasia, it's personal decision.

If he didn't sign, there would appear more problems.
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The last time Grand Duke Henry refused to sign a law because of his beliefs, "... it was announced by Minister of State Jean-Claude Juncker that a Constitutional Amendment would be proposed, whereby the signature of the monarch would no longer be necessary for a law to take effect" (Wikipedia). King Philippe may dislike the law, but he has to avoid any crises.
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I have no doubt that King Philippe will have considered his position on the matter not only as a Catholic king, but as a parent.
Euthanasia does not take place here in the UK, yet the practice of continually increasing the dosage of morphine to terminally ill patients does take place and it is practically the same thing as euthanasia.
He should not be considered Catholic anymore!
What a lovely family!
Great parents and happy children ;)
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The Monarch Catholic or not has to sign the law allowing Euthanasia as it was voted at the Parliament
Unbelievable to do as King Baudouin did in the past , it would the end of our Monarchy.
King Baudouin 's problem was the He could not do the difference between his King's conscience and his personal conscience.
The Euthanasia is allowed only if 3 Doctors gives the SAME advice that the illness is absolutely incurable and that the Child suffers a lot.
He should not be considered Catholic anymore!

but he's not a political figure! He signs a law but de facto he's not involved in the law making process. If the Parliament and the Government decide that a law should pass then he have to sign it.
He may be a Catholic but he's a Head of State in a secular country and he swore upon the constitution to respect "the laws of the Belgian people" not just the catholic Belgians. (and I'm saying that as a catholic)
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