King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia, Current Events Part 9: March - April 2006

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Welcome to the new thread dedicated to King Juan Carlos and Queen Sofia current events.

The old thread can be found here.

Have fun! :)
lula said:
I believe that on the one hand it is a safety question, it is not advisable that King and the Inheritor do united trips, because if it happens a problem, there can be a serious problem.

But isn't there then also a question of safety within Spain when the King and Felipe perform duties together? Presumably there would be more security if they travelled abroad, whether it be to visit a prime minister or president or another royal family as those individuals would have their own security team in addition to the King and Felipe's own security detail.

lula said:
On the other hand, the Prince Felipe has an international very important agenda without need to travel with the Kings. Already he has assigned obligations that allow him to meet Chiefs of State and of Government. In Bulgaria, he met the President of the Republic and the Prime minister when opened the Cervantes. And next week will meet those of Portugal and Chile in the changes of Government.

No one doubts that separately the King and Felipe have important agendas, just as nobody thinks that when Haakon and Mette-Marit travelled with Harald and Sonja or Victoria with Carl Gustav and Silvia that they don't have their own patronages or important agendas to represent.

I'm personally just curious to know why they never travel together, if it is a policy by the royal house and why that might be the case.
The Kings will be in the Fallas of Valencia

The Kings of Spain, Don Juan Carlos I and Doña Sofía, will be two days in Valencia during the falleras celebrations, days 14 and 15 of March, according to have been able to know Levante-EMV sources of all solution.

The monarchs will go the 14 to the municipality of Albaida to be present, and to preside over, the acts of the centenary of title of the city that granted King Alfonso XIII, and once finish the stay in the locality will spend the night in the capital of the Valencian Community remaining the 15. The Kings can include in their agenda the attendance to some falleros festivities.
The Queen
Inauguration of the new headquarters of Normon Laboratories S.A. (Tres Cantos, Madrid).


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The King

Hearing to the Minister of Outer Subjects of Turkey, Mr. Abdullah Gül (Palace of La Zarzuela, Madrid).

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Queen inaugurates new headquarters generic laboratories in Res Cantos

The Queen inaugurated today in Tres Cantos (Madrid) the new headquarters of the laboratories Normon, pioneering in Spain in developing generic medicines and that commercializes 330 presentations and 75 active principles.
Dona Sofía accompanied of the minister of Health, Elena Salgado, and of the president of the company, Jesus Govantes, crossed the modern facilities, which possess the technology most advanced in its field, at that more than 600 persons are employed.

Her Majesty the Queen will give continuity to this tradition of the Spanish Royal Family of more than 300 years

It is a tradition of the Royal Family for more than 300 years that one of its members comes to the Basilica of Our Father Jesus de Medinaceli on the first Friday of March to venerate the Christ of Medinaceli.
She will be Her Majesty the Queen who of continuity this year to this tradition.
In 2005 there came Her Majesty the King; in 2004, Don Felipe accompanied by Dona Letizia; in 2003, His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias; in 2002, His Royal Highness the Infante Don Carlos; in 2001, Her Majesty the Queen; in 2000, Her Royal Highness the Infanta Dona Cristina; in 1999, Her Royal Highness the Infanta Dona Elena; in 1998, Her Royal Highness the Infanta Dona Cristina; in 1997, Her Royal Highness the Infanta Dona Margarita; and in 1996, His Royal Highness the Prince of Asturias.
The king

Delivery of the Prizes of the Royal Foundation of Toledo (Toledo).

One of the prizes is for Prince Aga Khan (3 and 4)

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She looks good even with a lab coat, it's unfair:D :D
Queen Sofía visits the church of Jesus de Medinaceli to fulfill the tradition of the first Friday of March

Queen Sofía visited the church of Jesus de Medinaceli, located in number 2 today of the seat of Jesus, to fulfill the tradition to peregrinate to the temple the first Friday of March and to kiss the feet of the image of the Christ. Many faithfuls waited in the door of the temple the arrival of Reina Sofía, that did not approach until the basilica to venerate the figure of the Christ de Medinaceli from year 2001.
Doña Sofía appeared in her official car with something of delay on the estimated time, 12,30 hours, and was inside the basilica by space of ten minutes. As much to her arrival as when coming out, the queen saluted to there congregated, several hundreds, that warmly applauded and greeted the queen. The public affluence was increased east year thanks to the good time and, mainly, to the visit of Doña Sofía, according to confirmed to Europe Press several of the faithfuls.

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Woderful shoes!! Very fashion!! :D

It's just my impression or the Queen wears many purple outfits on these days? :confused:
I think that i've never seen the Queen wearing so much purple!
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Today it's not quiet purple, more blue indigo i think that this color fits very well to th Queen who is ever very elegant.


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Thanks for the beautiful photos, rchainho, lula and fanletizia! ;)

The Kings and Zapatero will go to the concert for the victims of 11-M

LA VANGUARDIA - 04/03/2006 Europa Press. MADRID
The kings of Spain, Juan Carlos and Sofia, together with the prime minister, Jose Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, will preside next March 10 at the concert in honoring to the victims of the terrorist attempts of 11-M and of last July 7 in London, which will take place in the National Audience of Music in Madrid. The young Spanish director Inma Shara will direct the Philharmonia of London in a musical event organized by the Foundation of Victims of the terrorism.
The Kings of Spain, Don Juan Carlos and Doña Sofía, will make within ten days a visit of three days of duration to the Valencian Community.

During that period of time they will visit different Valencian localities like Albaida, Requena, Utiel and Ontinyent, in addition to the capital where it is predicted that they spend the night from the 14 to the 15 of March. The visit of the Kings will take place Fallera Week in the heat of, concretely days 14, 15 and 16, although there is no official confirmation of the complete program. One of the destinies that with complete certainty will visit the Kings during their stay in Valencia will be the populations of Requena and Utiel, where the monarchs will know first hand the problems that the vitivinícola sector of the region of Requena-Utiel crosses.

The Queen, to the feet of Jesus

MADRID. " Pretty! Majesty! Dona Sofía! ". There were passing a few minutes of the twelve of the midday when there were opened the doors of the official car of the Roya House, going out of the same one Her Majesty the Queen. Dona Sofía came this Friday to the basilica of Madrid of the Jesus de Medinaceli in representation of the RoyalHouse, expiring thus with a tradition that goes back a year 1682, when the image of the Christ crossed for the first time the streets of the Villa.

His Majesty the King received in hearing the mayor of Coruña, Francisco Vázquez

Vázquez, who went to the Palace of the Zarzuela to take leave after to be named like Ambassador of Spain before Santa Sede in the Cabinet the past 10 of February.


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King Don Juan Carlos today inaugurated officially the National Center of Golf of the Real Spanish Federation of Golf (RFEG)

A field whose construction began 15 years ago and that it has like objective to approach the great public the world of golf. Don Juan Carlos arrived at 12:00 hours to the enclosure, where it was received by Emma Villacieros, president of the RFEG, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardo'n, mayor of Madrid, Hope Aguirre, president of the Independent Community of Madrid, and Jaime Lissavetzky, Secretary of State for Deporte, and immediately afterwards happened to visit the facilities. Later, the monarch raised until the exit of hole 7 of the route where he took care of the explanations of Villacieros and the ones in charge on a map of the field, and descended to a zone of training where they were the members of the School Nacional-Residencia Blume, the quarry of Spanish golf, and with which he put and he chatted briefly. Finally, Don Juan Carlos went towards the restaurant of the National Center where it came to the official inauguration with the discovery of the commemorative plaque of the act.
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