Jordanian Royals in Traditional Dress Part 1: May 2004 - May 2012

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Weddding ceremony at the Bait al-Barakat Palace, Amman September 7, 2004 of Prince Ali with Princess Rym Brahimi
Wedding day of Farah Daghestani, September 23, 2004, with Saud Suleiman.
Pic: Walid al Kurdi, Queen Rania, Saud Suleiman, Farah, King Abdullah II and Princess Basma.
Princess Salma, Queen Rania, Princesses Sara, Aisha and Iman
Angie said:
I love that dress! Are they expensive?

Yes they are expensive as the emroidary is all hand stiched. they can cost from $ 200 up to $ 2000 and some times more alothough u can get the cheap copies for $50
Princess Iman's dress looks like the fabric is indian/E.Asian inspired. Looks lovely so does Queen Noors.
Princess Haya at the Dubai World Race March 29 2008 in a lovely sky blue traditional dress. The details on the waist is interesting, looks like a wide belt out of embroidery
I absolutely love Queen Rania's dress. The design and shape are so beautiful. I have always thought that the traditional outfits worn by the Jordanian women were so elegant.
What lovely clothing! Queen Noor´s dresses are absolutely fantastic. And I loved the photo of Princess Aya with her family, especially the twins! It certainly is much more beautiful wear than western modern outfits.
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