Jordanian Royal Ladies, Fashion & Style Part 2: July 2011 - October 2012

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LipGloss said:
Sephora, she's Jordanian of Palestinian origin
Thanks for the answer, she's cute and very tall, or it's Rasheed who is very short?
How tall is she?

She was beautiful, I like the detail on her sleeves.
It's always a pleasure to see Prince Hassan and Princess Sarvath representing Jordan.They remained so close to most of european monarchies.
I love to see Sarvath in the national dress of the country she originates from.
I only loved the second day one
It's so cute seeing them holding hands in public:wub:,they always seemed very close but never showed that kind of affection in public
Princess Zaina looked lovely for her first royal wedding abroad
I like Zeina's version of that dress better than Kate's. The color is so rich.

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