It's a 3rd girl! Emma Tallulah Behn!

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Emma is just a lovely name, Tallulah surprised me but I like it!:flowers:
Pretty lil baby girl! cute name...well Emma anyway! lol
i wish for the beautiful one a beautiful life.. i love her name..
Congratulations to Martha, Ari and the two elder girls! :flowers::flowers: Emma is such a lovely name, and the baby is simply adorable :wub: I agree with HM and others that she does look a lot like IA did when she was born
Congrats! Emma is such a pretty name :wub: .
I never heard the name Tallulah before...
Cannot wait to see first pics of the littleone.

I think that Tallulah is one of Demi Moore's girls, but I'm not 100% sure. I actually considered it for a middle name!

I've noticed that they pick normal or more traditional names for a first name, but more unusaul for the middle name.

Emma is a lovely name, and I'm sure that she is a beautiful little girl!
What a beautiful baby and what a lovely name she has! Congrats to the whole family!!!!
Congrats to the family, beautiful name, love Emma. Whoever said that they would pick a four letter name for this child was right on :flowers:
Maud Angelica
Leah Isadora
Emma Tallulah
They all work very well together, great choice.
Three beautiful little girls, poor Ari when they start to date or if he ever wants to have a bathroom.:lol:
I was kind of hoping Sverre would have a little boy cousin closer to his age, but very happy everyone is healthy.:wub:
Congratulations to the family. It must be beautiful to give life to a child. May little Emma be loved beyond measure. Congratulations!! :flowers::angel::rainbow::yorkrose:
Gods Blessings be always with her.

I´ve never write before, but always read you!!! I love Marthas family, her kids are so beautitul! I´ve found the first Emma´s pics! I don´t know how update it, so here you are the link: littleroyals

Emma is such a cute baby!!!!

Congratulations for the family!!!!
The baby is so beautiful! Thanks for the photos.
:wave:Congrats to Ari & ML. I really like name Emma. :flowers:Tallulah is surprising name for royal baby, but ML and Ari gave original, 'non royal' names to their daughters before. Baby is cute, :wub:she is really so similar to little Ingrid.
Congragulations ..To Martha Louise and Ari
Nice baby girl nice name too . God bless her :wub::wub::flowers:
Congragulations to Martha Louise and Ari :flowers:
Emma - good choose
All the best for her :wub:
Firstly, I did not even know or realise that Martha-Louise was pregnant or that they were interested in having more children...Usually (in my experience of talking to people) those with 2 of a kind (two boys or two girls) usually don't have a third child for risk of having "3 of a kind"...but Ari and ML are obviously risk takers and three girls is gorgeous no matter what anyone says...

Now as for their them all...Maud is the name of a Norwegian Queen...and in response to Ella Kay's comment about American names give to Norwegian royal babies...well, I think all middle names have some American associations, even if their origins and meaning are not American...

Maud Angelica - I think of Queen Maud and Angelica Huston
Leah Isadora - They (A & ML) like Princess Leia (Star Wars); Isadora Duncan, was she American?
Emma Tallulah - Emma is a nice simple name to match Maud & Leah and I think of lots of things when I hear Tallulah...Tallulah Bankhead, Tallulah Willis, and Tallulah the chicken from the Maisy series of books by Lucy Cousins...

I like the combo of plain and simple first name with unusual and longer middle names..very cool!!!
Congratulations to Princess Martha Louise & Ari Behn!!! Emma is really cute!:wub:
Oh my gosh I'm late to the party but best wishes and happy thoughts to the whole family:flowers: It's cool little Emma share her birthday with my niece who just turned 10:wub:
When I saw the first picture of sweet Emma, I thought that she looked like her mother Princess Martha, but finding this picture from made me change my mind...Sweet Emma Tallulah looks like her uncle CP Haakon. I was surprised with the great resemblance, it's quite amazing:- Se pappa Aris egne bilder av Emma Tallulah - Ligner onkel Haakon på en prikk - Kongelig - :flowers:
Striking resemblance. Emma looks alot like Haakon and also Ingrid Alexandra as babies. I guess she's going to look alot like her grandmother as well .
Congrats to the royal family.She is a very pretty baby and has a pretty name to match.
Congratulation to Princess Martha Louise! I didn't know about her pregnancy until I read a news article stating that Princess has given birth.
I am looking forward to seeing photos of the christening! I hope that the family is doing well.
Very belated congratulations to the family!!
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