It's a 3rd girl! Emma Tallulah Behn!

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Congratulations to Princess Martha-Louise and her family! Emma is such a beautiful name. I am glad to hear that mother and baby are doing well, and I am looking forward to seeing the photos.
:norwayflag: Congratulations :norwayflag:
im really happy for the prinsess , nice name!
congrats to the family!! now Princess Ingrid Alexandra doesn't have to worry about being the only girl during family get-togethers. she now has three cousins to play with. now Prince Sverre MAgnus and MArius are outnumbered.
I love the name Emma. It's a short and graceful name, and very regal IMO.

This royal family really knows how to choose pretty names to the little girls: Ingrid, Maud, Leah and Emma. Just beautiful :wub:

Congratulations to the family!!
Emma is my cousin's name. I love it!

They also reported it has been two years since she showed her girls in a photo shoot before Christmas, and that she would like to keep her children away from the media as much as possible to protect them so they will not be recognized easy. I still hope we will see a piture of little Emma Tallulah, but if they were correct on the news, Märtha Louise might pull back from the public eye for quite a while. Now for obvious reasons because of her newborn daughter, but she might continue to be out of the sight for quite a while.

Its not surprising that she wants to sheild her children, and if she can keep out of the public eye herself, then I would consider her very lucky for someone in her position.
Congrats to the family. I hope Ari likes being the only guy in the house!:lol:
I just knew she'd have another girl! And it would be similar to Maud and Leah's names; 4 letters in first name and 7-8 letters for middle name. Emma I could see but it was a little suprised by Talullah but then again it seems like Martha's style!
Congrats to the family!
Aw, congratulations to them! Emma is lovely (and quite popular), but Tallulah surprised me. It's so unusual to see a name with American origins given to a European royal baby!
In French speaking Belgium Emma is nowadays the most given first name.
It's also the third most common name for girls in America, behind Emily and Isabella, respectively. Congrats to Martha-Louise and Ari! Three girls. Sounds like fun! :flowers:
Congratulations to the Norwegian Royal Family...As always, princess Martha Louise is full of surprises and the name Tallulah came as a surprise to everybody, specially to those who tried to guess the name of her baby..I just can't wait to see the first pictures of little Emma Tallulah, and thanks to all the members who gave us the meaning of Tallulah.
Congratulations to the family! Emma is a pretty name!
Happy Birthday Emma!
Congratulations to Martha Louise and her familly...
I like the first name, Emma, but with the second I have a small problem. Several years ago I listened a very sad song called Tallullah and I can't imagine a baby girl named like that. Nevertheless, It's a beautiful name.
Congratulations for the family!!! Emma is a lovely name.
Congrats to the family!! I love the name Emma but Tallulah looks like a strange name!
Congratulations to the Behn family! Emma is a beautiful name.
She is beautiful! Really takes after her mother's side of the family i think. She reminds me of the 1st pictures of Ingrid Alexandra
What a beatiful baby!She is gorgeous!:wub:Thank you for the pictures!
In French speaking Belgium Emma is nowadays the most given first name.

In Norway, it was the number one girl's name in 2003-2005. In 2006, it dropped to number two, replaced by Thea.
It was my very first thought too that Emma Tallulah and Ingrid Alexandra look very much alike. Emma Tallulah is beautiful! :wub:
Ingrid Alexandra too by the way. :flowers:
You are right Her Majesty, Emma and Ingird look a lot alike.
Congratulations to Martha Louise and her husband for the new arrival. I loved the names.
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