Christening of Emma Tallulah Behn , January 20th 2009

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Dec 30, 2003
The christening of Emma Tallulah Behn will take place on 20.01.2009 atht the Chapel of the Royal Palace in Oslo at 14h30 - Barnedåp
any Godparent news???
They will be announced short time before the christening.
Leah Isadora's Godparents (for example) were announced a week before the Christening.
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Information for the media about the christening - Pressens dekning av Emma Tallulah Behns dåp
Scanpix, Avisenes Nyhetsbyrå, Svein Brimi and TV2 will bring us the photos ;)

Furthermore NTB, Aftenposten, Verdens Gang, Dagbladet, Budstikka, Ukepressen v/ Norsk Ukeblad, NRK and TV 2 will be present.

(no news about the godparents yet)
Is there already a guest list???
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it's strange they didn't release the godparents yet. i remember them doing so earlier for maud and leah.
Do you think that some royals like swedish or danish family are going to attend this christening???
Do you think that some royals like swedish or danish family are going to attend this christening???

dutch royals (laurentien and family) attended leah isadora's christening. however, it was because laurentien was one of the godmothers. no other foreign royals that i remember in maud's christening. the danish family is at least quite quick in updating their attendance in the webpage, so if it's not already there, i doubt they are attending either. maybe victoria gets chosen to be godmother though?
Why is the christening on a Tuesday?
Her Majesty, your avitar is beautiful. Is that Tallulah?
Her Majesty, your avitar is beautiful. Is that Tallulah?
No, it is Maud Angelica. :flowers:
This picture was taken during a photoshoot for the magazin HENNE in 2003.

[FONT=verdana, arial]This article says that Ari Behn and ML had asked for a photo-restriction during the baptism of Emma, coming Tuesday, in the Chapel of the Royal Palace. [/FONT]:glare:

[FONT=verdana, arial]They demanded that their two eldest daughters were not be photographed, so as to protect their privacy.
However, in a meeting between representatives from the Palace & the Press it became clear that this is an official event, and thus all members of the RF will be pictured.
Same rules as for example during the Xmas holidays when the Royals & their families are captured when leaving their cars and entering/leaving the church, for example.



They did the same during the Ruby anniversary of the Royal Couple last summer.
The CP Couple and the Royal Couple made a little photosession. ML and Ari stayed on the Royal Yacht "Norge", because they didn't want their daughters to be photographed.
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When I first saw the Avatar of Her Majesty, I thought it was a photo of Queen Sonja. There is a great resemblance between the Queen and her daughter.
Emma's Godparents have been revealed :flowers:

  • Her grandmother Marianne Solberg Behn - mother of Ari Behn
  • HRH Crown Princess Mette-Marit
  • Princess Alexia
  • Christian Udnæss,
  • Carl Christian Christensen
  • Anbjørg Sætre Håtun
  • Sigvart Dagsland. - Emma Tallulah Behns dåp
Princess Mette-Marit is one of the godmother ,that's great.
i'm glad mette marit was chosen as one of the godparents :)
the ceremony has started.
CP Mette-Marit looks proud of being a Godmother :)
She looks good - an beige suit and with huge flower on her head :whistling:
Its great she brought Marius :flowers:

I like the way Martha Louisa looks.
The girld are looking interested :)

I was trying the same page, but I figured I did something wrong, but if I'm not the only one, that's probably not it.

The live feed doesn't work for me, either. But probably we can watch it later, when it is put as a clip on NKR webpage. I have watched some other events as clips on NRK Nett-TV.
Ari Behn's mother Marianne Sohlberg Behn carried Emma Tallulah to the font for her baptism
She looks like her sisters during their christening.
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