75th Birthday celebrations of King Harald and Queen Sonja - May 2012

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fairy tale

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Oct 31, 2010
Today are the 75th anniversaries celebrations for King Harald and Queen Sonja.

King and Queen attend The King's Guard's performance in the Palace Square. CP Haakon, CP Mette-Marit, Princess Märtha Louise, Ari Behn, Princess Astrid and Mr Johan Martin Ferner will also be in attendance (14:00).

At 16:00 there will be a Service in Oslo Cathedral which everybody will attend as well.
In the evening will be a gala performance on the Opera House Roof (19:45).

Slik feires Kongen og Dronningen - Norge - NRK Nyheter
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Fantastic, the whole Royal Family at the balcony :flowers:
Picture 1 - Picture 2 - Picture 3 - Picture 4 - Picture 5 - Picture 6 - Picture 7 - Picture 8 - Picture 9

Hurra for bestemor og bestefar! - VG Nett om Kongehuset
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VIDEO: http://www.seher.no/896528/kongeparet-samlet-alle-barnebarna-pa-slottsbalkongen

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fairy tale said:

Thanks for the photos. It's great to see all the kids. Ingrid appears to be quite a character, Maud is a pretty girl and Marius is getting so tall!
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Wonderful! Thanks fairy tale and iceflower. :flowers:
I love pictures of the entire family on the balcony.
Marius is now nearly as tall has his mother - and quite a handsome young man he turned out to be. The younger kids are all adorable.
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The family look very happy. I-A is such a cutie!
Nice to see Martha on the balcony with her husband and daughters.
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Very sweet pictures! Marius is a really handsome boy, and IA will be more and more beautiful. It seems IA and Maud Angelica really like eachother. But why cried MM so very much? There are so sad pictures... :(

I also wondered. I read in one of the captions that she was touched by a speech. Unfortunately I don't know whose speech or what was said.

Here are videos, I think, but they don't work for me... :( Maybe for you...

NRK Nett-TV - hastighetsmåling

They don't work for me neither :sad: I think they can only be watched in Norway. Maybe some kind soul can save and then upload it :flowers:
Thank you everyone for all the links documenting the birthday celebrations; so many great moments during the day. I loved seeing everyone, especially all the children.

Some mentions regarding the birthday concert:

It had many fun and emotional moments and different people said many beautiful and moving things about the King and Queen and honoured them and the work they have done and continues to do. The King and Queen were often humbled and touched as well, and were both seen drying some tears, as pictured have shown was the case for the Crown princess as well. How they represented Norway after 22th July was highlighted by different people and one artist, Ole Paus, said he realized during that time that the King and Queen are invaluable to the Norwegian people. He then sang a new song honouring them. An actor also read a wonderful newly written poem to the King and Queen about their life traveling and representing the country, meeting and getting to know their people and all the different places of the country. Also here, how they brought the people together after the attacks were mentioned. At the concert we also saw videos of regular people, young and old talking about what the King and Queen mean to them and saying thank you.

Three fun moments the King and Queen obviously loved and laughed of was:

1. A video of a young boy talking about the royal couple. He was asked what it would mean if we didn’t have the King and Queen. He answers that there would be a lot less people on the planet, and then he got quiet and very clearly thought very hard, and then she said that well there would only be two people less.

2. Herborg Kråkevik who led the concerts painted a fun picture with this story: “Many of you have met the royal couple, and were looking at your watch and nervously kicking the ground while waiting, imagining what the coming meeting would be like. What you have not imagined is the Queen looking at her watch in the car on their way to their next stop, seeing they have lots of time before they are scheduled to arrive. A whole ten minutes and they are nearly there. So the queen commands all the cars to stop, steps outside and gathers her court around her and starts stepping were she is standing to get a work out. The only person not doing the same is the King who has understood that these free minutes are meant for rest. Because it does not matter if you have a fit and commanding queen, if you are King you are King.” The last sentence is a play on words; in Norwegian the word king is used to describe something/someone great, fantastic.

3. Herborg also said the queen has “done a wonderful job teaching Norwegians that culture is as important as sport. Or has the King would say, almost.” And then she saw the King and Queen smiling, looking at each other and that the Queen gently used her elbow to kick the King in the side, and she said “I see that got the discussion going” which made them both laugh.
An own thread for pictures and articles about the birthday celebrations has been created.:flowers:
little impressions of the concert, the first video is the birthday song, in the second Queen Sonja is moved to tears

Kongeparet 75 år - Hurra for deg - YouTube
Ole Paus - For alltid (Operataket, 31 mai 2012) - YouTube
Marit Larsen - Vår Beste Dag (Our Best Day) LIVE HD - YouTube

Thanks for the videos, very nice songs... It seems tke king and queen are very populär in Norway. Can anybody translate what said the man with the guitar for the queen? Something about "their generation"... ?
Will there be a second celebration of T.M. King and Queens 75th birthdays between July 4-5? Because according to the calender of the Danish Royal Court the Queen och Prince Concort will attend the joined celebrations of King Harald and Queen Sonjas birthdays.


There are nothing announced at the website of the Norweigan Royal Court.
Will there be a second celebration of T.M. King and Queens 75th birthdays between July 4-5? Because according to the calender of the Danish Royal Court the Queen och Prince Concort will attend the joined celebrations of King Harald and Queen Sonjas birthdays.

Kalender - Kongehuset

There are nothing announced at the website of the Norweigan Royal Court.

I'll quote my post from another thread:

It has leaked that King Harald and Queen Sonja (turning 75 on July 4) will have a birthday celebration on July 4 and 5. The Danish court reports in an official newsletter, that Queen Margrethe and and Prince Henrik will come to Norway in two weeks to celebrate King Harald and Queen Sonja's joint 75th birthday.
The day is celebrated in private, says Marianne Hagen, communications manager at the palace.
Dronning sonja - Kongeparets ukjente feiring avslørt - Seoghør.no Kongelige
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Apparently, King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden will attend as well - the Queen let it slip in an interview last week that after their current visit in Brazil, they'll go for the birthday(s) to Norway.
Those picture of King Harald´s birthday are marvelous. The whole family together to celebrate. Great pictures and the children simply gorgeous.
Thanks Fairy tale and Boris for your answers. I hope we will see some pictures from this event even it's a private one.
When was the church service today for birthday queen Sonja?

The birthday celebrations today are private (after the official celebration on May 31). It's not known where the celebration today will take place, and if there is or was a church service today at all. It's only known that both the Danish and the Swedish Royal Couple attend the party.
Dronning sonja - Sonja hylles i utlandet - Seoghør.no Kongelige
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Queen Sonja celebrates her birthday with a grand garden party at Bygdøy Royal Farm. CP Mette-Marit has returned to Norway and celebrates with her family.
There have been seen several British friends of the royal couple in town.
Mette-Marit reiser hjem fra Kashmir for å feire svigermor - God Kveld Norge - TV 2 Underholdning
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Great birthday celebration program for the guests!
But no pics from arrival the guests by party yesterday evening or today by museum and Lunch in Oscarhall?
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