I'm new, hello!

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john cho

Mar 23, 2006
New Zealand
i would like to introduce myself.

I live in Auckland New Zealand and wish to communicate Royal faimilies for learn and study myself.

As i learnig Journalist and want to learn more about your Royal family story.

Best regards
John Cho


Thought it was about time I stopped lurking and introduced myself. :)

I live in Canada and enjoy reading the board. Amazing pictures I normally wouldn't get a chance to see.
Hey everyone! I'm new here, found this site off a Google search. My favorite royals are the Romanovs, especially OTMA. I'm from New York and in addition to royalty, love theater and am training to become an actress.
Hello, how's everyone doing. I'm new here. I was doing a Google search on genealogy and came across the site. It is very interesting reading and I love the old pictures.

I am new to the forum. I am an American Expat in UAE and loving it. Very interesting threads here. Looking forward to hearing more about how the "other half" lives. Thanks for all the information.
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I joined the forums a while ago, but I mostly just read instead of post and realized today that I had never introduced myself. My name is Bella, and my favorite threads to peruse are those dedicated to Felipe and Letizia, Mary and Frederik, Haakon and Mette-Marit, Prince William, and Charlotte Casiraghi. Nice to meet all of you!

Hello I found this site quite by accident.I am interested in the historical and sociological aspects of royalty and it's affect on society:)
Hello everyone.
I thought I would take this opportunity to introduce myself. I am from Canada and I love royal jewels!

I look forward to sharing my enthusiasm with you all! :)
Hi, I'm Coppertop1. I'm interested in royalty from all over the world. Favourites being Princess Diana and Sophie Wessex.
Welcome to everyone!

I stumbled upon this forum by accident and have been reading ever since. It is so nice of everyone to share news and information! I love all things royal. Cheers!
hello, i am newly arrived and just wanted to say hi .
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